Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I gotta say, I'm impressed. She's got good form.


[gasp] Girl gets attacked by chair during lunch.


[I can't believe this is real] I am so glad 'University studies' have been researching 'Breast Muscles'.

11-year-old gets butter knife stuck in his head.

Tyler Hemmert, a 11-year-old Vancouver boy needed doctors to remove a butter knife from his head on Sunday. He says he and friend Nate Leach were sitting on a park bench when another boy became angry with them and hurled the knife. Nate ducked. Tyler didn’t.
“I freaked out when I could actually see the handle,” Tyler told TODAY co-host Meredith Vieira on Wednesday. “But I just tried to tell myself to stay calm and stuff.”

Four inches of the blade was lodged between Tyler’s scalp and skull, above his right ear. When Leach ran to tell Hemmert’s father, he reportedly bolted from his house without even putting on his shoes. » Full article here


Wii baseball accident... yep, you know what happens.

Cool jet 'flyover' at Fenway Park.

(rumor has it... that the Pilot got grounded pending an investigation as it was not a planned manouver)

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Pissed-off wife divorces husband via YouTube

Prominent New York divorce lawyers couldn't think of another case where a spouse — in this instance, the wife of a major Broadway theater operator — had taken to YouTube to spill the secrets of a marriage in an apparent effort to gain leverage and humiliate the other side.

"This is absolutely a new step, and I think it's scary," said Bonnie Rabin, a divorce lawyer who has handled high-profile cases. "People used to worry about getting on Page Six (the gossip page of the New York Post). But this? It brings the concept of humiliation to a whole new level."

In a tearful and furious YouTube video with close to 150,000 hits to date, former actress and playwright ("Bonkers") Tricia Walsh-Smith lashes out against her husband, Philip Smith, president of the Shubert Organization, the largest theater owner on Broadway.

She goes through their wedding album on camera, describing family members as "bad" or "evil" or "nasty," and talks about how her husband is allegedly trying to evict her from their luxury apartment. She also makes embarrassing claims regarding their intimate life, and then calls his office on camera to repeat those claims to a stunned assistant. » Full article here

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Instructor stomps on student's opponent's skull.

Caption this.


[ouch] Skater goes head first into glass door.

Teens look for instant fame on YouTube by trying to make a Mitsubishi Eclipse fly. You can see where this is headed...

Teens were attempting to get their 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse airborne while driving through the intersection.

"It was all being done as a stunt for YouTube," said Peoria Police Public Information Officer Mike Tellef. "He was hoping that they would be able to get the video of his car going airborne through the intersection and then his intentions were to post that video on YouTube."

Authorities said the car did go airborne, but the 16-year-old driver lost control of his car, drove off the road and hit several trees before rolling the vehicle. » Full article here