Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Read the names of the bowlers.

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Talking cats.


Brother stabs younger brother fighting over TV show

A fight over what to watch on television has left a 13-year-old Phoenix boy in extremely critical condition after his younger brother apparently stabbed him, police said.

Mark Gonzales, 12, and the victim attend seventh-grade at Maurice C. Cash Elementary School in Phoenix and often spent time together, he said.

The brothers were fighting in the living room of their southwest Phoenix home Monday afternoon. The younger brother allegedly went to the kitchen, returned with a knife and allegedly stabbed his brother once in the abdomen with a 5-inch blade, said Phoenix Police Lt. Rob Howe.

The boys' father heard them fighting over the TV. He entered the living room and the victim told his father he had been stabbed by his younger brother before collapsing, Phoenix Police Sgt. Joel Tranter said. » Article here


Will Ferrell in 'Green Team'.

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Damn, this is one kick-ass dog house.


Couple causes flight delay trying to join 'mile high club'

A plane headed for Las Vegas from Seattle was diverted to Portland on Thursday afternoon after at least one passenger said a couple tried to join the "mile high club."

US Airways Flight 1473 left Seattle at 2:58 p.m., but a pair of unruly passengers caused it to be diverted and head for Portland International Airport. A passenger said the couple was fooling around and decided to go into the bathroom.

"The people in the aisle, across the aisle from us were messing around in their seat and then they decided to go to the bathroom and fool around," said passenger Jessica Smith. "And then they threatened the flight attendant." » Full article here


Accordion Hero? Actually looks kinda fun...


18-year-old girl passes the California Bar

18-year-old Kathleen Holtz, a first-year associate at TroyGould in Los Angeles who was awating her bar results.

On Friday night at 6 p.m., Holtz found out that she passed — the first time around. Once sworn in and admitted to the Calfornia bar, she’ll be the youngest lawyer in the Golden State, and quite possibly the nation. Holtz started at Cal State L.A. at age 10 and entered UCLA Law at 15, earning a spot on the law review. » Article here


Help, my shirt is eating you.


...and to think, this was Britney Spears 9-years ago

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Paramedic shoots armed robbery suspect, then saves him

A County Sheriff's paramedic ordered an armed robbery suspect to drop his gun, shot him several times when he refused -- and then proceeded to save the suspect's life.

"Our deputy did what he was trained to do, protect the public and save lives," said Sheriff Robert J. Pickell said about the wounding man suspected of robbing a store-gas station. The suspect then led police on a chase that came to a violent end in a subdivision.

Pickell noted the paramedic is an expert marksman who has served as a sniper in the military. "He shot the guy and then had the presence of mind to go get his bag and save the guy's life," Pickell said. » Full article here