Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not only did his mom win she shut him out

Human finger served on his burger?

A restaurant in Bloomington, Ind., said it's "very, very sorry" that one of its patrons found a piece of a human finger garnishing his burger.
A spokeswoman for TGI Friday's said a kitchen manager accidentally cut his finger just before the meal was served, and no one noticed that a piece of flesh was missing until he got to the hospital.

A wait staff member, unaware that the worker had lost a piece of his finger, served the plate to a customer who immediately saw the piece of finger.

The manager at the restaurant was treated at Bloomington Hospital and lost only a small piece of his finger.

Spokeswoman Amy Freshwater said the restaurant knows "the seriousness of this incident" and it's contacted the customer and that he had not retained an attorney as far as she knew.

Police said they also heard from the diner, but an officer told him it's not a criminal offense. Article here.

Toothbrush sex? You pervert.

DUI checkpoint nabs 32 traffic citations?

Charleston police knew there was a problem with drinking and driving during happy hour. But they never imagined their daytime sobriety checkpoint would issue 32 traffic citations and arrest for driving on a revoked license for a previous DUI.

Two people arrested for drunken driving attempted illegal U-turns before arriving at the checkpoints, but were quickly stopped by police, said Cpl. Shawn Williams of the Charleston Police Department.

The first drunken driving arrest was made just 20 minutes into the checkpoint.

"This confirms our initial beliefs that there is a problem," Williams said. "I knew the possibility was there just because there's a lot more traffic, but I was utterly amazed at the fact we arrested five people before dark."

Police initially planned to continue the checkpoint until midnight, but the surprising number of arrests stretched their 12-officer patrol thin, forcing them to close early. "We're finding drunks are out there at all times of the day, and we're trying to attack it strategically," Williams said.

Whoa. I’d say Charleston, West Virginia residents have somewhat of a slight drinking problem. Article here.


Student's fake ID is his principal's name?

A 17-year-old Saint Thomas Aquinas High School student was arrested during the weekend when he tried to buy beer with a fake ID bearing the name of a principal at his school.
Officials say Jake Sullivan, of Dover, was arrested early Saturday morning on a charge of misrepresenting his age, a misdemeanor, as well as drunken driving and transportation of drugs.

Sweet move kid, sweet move. Article here.

Caption this...

This dude has 1,497 Credit Cards!

Walter Cavanagh has 1,497 valid credit cards- all of which amount to a $1.7 million line of credit.

Currently, he holds the record for the most credit cards and for the world's longest wallet, which stretches 250 feet, weighs about 38 pounds and can hold 800 cards. But he keeps most of them in bank safe-deposit boxes.

The "Guinness Book of World Records" gave him the title "Mr. Plastic Fantastic," and he has been in the book every year since 1971.

"I got started in the late 1960s" Cavanagh said. "Me and a buddy in Santa Clara, Calif., made a silly bet: the guy who could collect the most credit cards by the end of the year would win dinner. I was fresh from the Peace Corps and I got 143 cards by the end of the year. My friend gathered 138. He's still a pharmacist — like I was back then — if only he had worked a little harder maybe he could have been the one here today."
With $1.7 million available to him at any moment, Cavanagh says his credit score is great. "It's nearly perfect. I have a nearly perfect credit score. I only use one card and I pay it off at the end of the month. But you should see the length of my credit report — wow!"

He has credit cards from gas stations, airlines, bars and even a Texas ice cream store. They all have different limits. The card with the lowest credit limit would allow Cavanagh to charge a maximum of $50.

Only one company — J.J. Newberry Co. — has ever denied Cavanagh a card, and that was back in the early 1970s. Cavanagh had collected about 100 credit cards by that time. "They said I had too much credit," he says, "And to this day I don't have a Newberry's card in my collection."

Credit Cards scare me… so I keep as few as possible. I can’t imagine keeping track of all this. Crazy. Article here.

The pillows taunted him so he fought back

Ashlee Simpson had a nose job?

Rumors have been going around that Ashlee Simpson has had a nose job. What do you think?
I'd say that's a definite Yes. But then again, I really don't care. She's earned a place on the list of lyin' celebrities that say they'll never get work done and do it a year later.

More plastic surgery hypocrites:

'Polar Bowling' looks like fun

Woman orders $1,000 in porn and rap shows

Retired schoolteacher Claudia Lee said she's not watching porn… but she’s getting charged for it.

The 62-year-old Yonkers, N.Y., woman is battling a cable company over more than $1,000 in charges for pay-per-view porn and gangsta rap programming.

Lee said her problem started when she had her cable TV, computer and phone services bundled as part of a Cablevision offer.

The cable company had threatened to cut off her service if she didn't pay. But now the company said it's suspending the charges while the matter is investigated.

Poor woman. I feel kind of bad. Although, I had no idea you could order gangsta rap programming? Thats just funny. Article here.

Ron Burgundy does Iraq

Nude Resort Ranch opens in Arizona?

Hey, dude! You're nude! And that's just the way the owners of an Arizona dude ranch want it.

The Mira Vista opens Monday as a clothing optional resort on 30 acres in Tucson. Guests can play tennis, do Yoga or lounge by the pool with nothing on but sunscreen.
The property used to be a guest ranch favored by the Hollywood elite in the 1930s.
Dave Landman, one of the new owners, said while clothing is optional, good behavior is mandatory. He said theirs is a family-oriented nude resort.

He warned guests not to do anything they wouldn't do in their mother's living room.

So… by informing people that ‘clothing is optional’ you are just going to cause bad things to happen. Is there even such thing as a ‘family-oriented’ nude resort? Either this guy goes all-out with the nude thing, or he shouldn’t do it at all. Article here.


(click image to enlarge)

Jailed drug lord throws huge kids party

Masked wrestlers, dancing clowns and trailer-loads of presents greeted more than 10,000 children and their mothers gathered in a baseball stadium in northern Mexico for "Children's Day" this weekend. The apparent sponsor was Osiel Cardenas, the jailed head of the powerful and bloody Gulf cartel (The Gulf Cartel is a notorious drug running organization based in Matamoros, in Tamaulipas, Mexico. It is believed to currently be the largest drug cartel in Mexico and is responsible for a considerable amount of illegal cocaine traffic across the Mexican border to major cities in the United States. The group is known for its violent methods and intimidation and is thought to be working closely with corrupt law officials and businesspeople in Mexico.)
Cardenas' name was on cards handed out with thousands of gifts at the stadium on Friday in the town of Reynosa, wishing the attendees a happy Children's Day, and urging them to study hard, reported local paper La Tarde. Mexicans call April 30 Children's Day and usually celebrate with parties and gifts.

Drug lords often revel in acts of largess, bestowing gifts on poor residents or funding public works in their home regions. Pablo Escobar, the infamous Colombian leader of the Medellin cartel who was killed in 1993, enjoyed a Robin Hood-like status in Medellin city for building soccer stadiums and distributing money among the poor.

Cardenas, one of Mexico's most feared drug lords, was arrested in 2003 and is accused of multiple crimes, including murder and kidnapping. Along the border with the United State and in the beach resort Acapulco, the Gulf Cartel is locked in a vicious territorial battle with a rival group based in Sinaloa state.

Earlier this month two police were beheaded in Acapulco in reprisal for a crackdown. The gangs are held responsible for more than 1,500 assassinations since President Vicente Fox declared an all-out war on drug traffickers in January 2005.

This is semi-sorta-interesting (it's a slow news day...sorry). This guy’s in jail and his mafia thrives on. Wow. Cool. Talk about power. Article here.