Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Woman wrecks her car then gives birth to kid?

A woman who crashed her car gave birth alone inside her vehicle.

Authorities said 21-year-old Kenyetta Biggs was driving herself to the hospital when she had a strong contraction and lost control of the car. It landed in a canal where she was forced to give birth to her daughter.

Deputy Stephen Maxwell was driving to work and saw a human head showing behind the foliage. He stopped and found the woman, who had just given birth, trying to get out of the car. He asked her if she was OK, and she said she thought her leg was broken. She asked him to check on her baby. Maxwell said he had been expecting a baby to be in a car seat in the back. Instead, he found a newborn in the front seat.

"As I looked around her I saw the newborn baby laying in the passenger seat with the placenta and umbilical cord still attached," Maxwell told the Florida Sun Sentinel.

Maxwell and another deputy pried open the door to free Biggs and placed the baby on her stomach. Another deputy cut the umbilical cord.

Biggs broke a leg, but authorities said she and the baby girl, named Myracle, are doing well.

It turned out that Biggs had kept her pregnancy a secret from her family, which is why she was trying to drive herself to the hospital, the paper reported. Kenneth Biggs said he figured his daughter didn't tell relatives she was pregnant because she was afraid of their reaction. He said none of that matters now. Article here.

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Woman don't like sex after the age of 30?

A woman's sex drive begins to plummet once she is in a secure relationship, according to research. Researchers from Germany found that four years into a relationship, less than half of 30-year-old women wanted regular sex.

Conversely, the team found a man's libido remained the same regardless of how long he had been in a relationship. Writing in the journal Human Nature, the scientists said the differences resulted from how humans had evolved.

For men, a good reason their sexual motivation to remain constant would be to guard against being cuckolded by another male. The researchers from Hamburg-Eppendorf University interviewed 530 men and women about their relationships.

They found 60% of 30-year-old women wanted sex "often" at the beginning of a relationship, but within four years of the relationship this figure fell to under 50%, and after 20 years it dropped to about 20%.

In contrast, they found the proportion of men wanting regular sex remained at between 60-80%, regardless of how long they had been in a relationship.

The study also revealed tenderness was important for women in a relationship. About 90% of women wanted tenderness, regardless of how long they had been in a relationship, but only 25% of men who had been in a relationship for 10 years said they were still seeking tenderness from their partner. Article here.

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Pissed woman at McDonald's gets revenge

Police have been looking for a disgruntled McDonald's customer who ran into two other customers with her car after a dispute over who was next in line.

Melinda Ann Thomas, 34, and Linda Ann Thomas, 51, were standing in a crowded line around 8:30 a.m. Saturday as they waited to order breakfast, police said. A cashier opened a new line and they stepped to the front of it — a move that angered another customer who was waiting to order.

According to the report, the unidentified woman started yelling at them and threatened to kill them.
The woman then left the restaurant before the Thomases and stayed in the parking lot, sitting in her dark blue Jeep Cherokee, witnesses told police. As the Thomases made their way to their car, witnesses said the woman pulled out of her parking space and sped toward the women, striking them both with the passenger side of the Jeep.

Neither woman was badly injured, the police report said. The woman is being sought by police on charges of aggravated assault. Article here.

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Dumbass tries to rob a house with a BB gun?

An alleged robber looking for revenge broke into the wrong house with a BB gun but got tackled and restrained by the residents.

Stephen Weidman, 21, of Palmetto, told police that he had recently been robbed and wanted to get even, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported.

According to police reports, he went to the home just after midnight Sunday with a BB gun, socks on his hands and a homemade ski mask on his face.

Weidman tried to kick in a door but couldn't, according to reports. The residents opened the door to see who was there. When Weidman rushed inside, the residents immediately knocked him to the ground and took his BB gun.

Weidman has been charged in connection to the home invasion and was being held Monday in the Manatee County Jail. Article here.

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Cigarette butt causes brawl among 4 neighbors

Four neighbors face charges after a tag-team-style rumble broke out over a cigarette butt that a guest casually tossed into a yard, police said Wednesday.

The fight involved two parties, a brother and sister and a husband and wife. At least three of the participants went to the hospital after Friday afternoon's melee. "Now, this is all over a cigarette butt," Mathews said.

A guest of a 42-year-old man smoked as they stood in the yard and talked. When the guest finished the cigarette, he flicked it toward the edge of the yard, Mathews said. A neighbor, 24, saw the butt and began yelling about it.

"According to several residents of the neighborhood, (the two neighbors) argued about this for the entire day," Mathews said. During one of these arguments, the 42-year-old man's 32-year-old sister, who lives across the street, called the neighbor an expletive.

"(The neighbor) then tells her that he's not going to fight a woman, but when his wife gets home, he's going to bring her down there to whoop her a—," Mathews said.

As promised, the neighbor later showed up at the sister's house with his 27-year-old wife in tow. A fight broke out between the women, during which the sister allegedly pulled out a pen and stabbed the wife once in the chest and once in the lower abdomen.

The husband intervened at that point. Grabbing the sister by her hair and shoulders, he threw her down on the concrete walkway and began to drag her around, police said.

The brother came out of his house and saw the husband beating up his sister, so he ran across the street and pulled the husband off her, punching him several times.

The husband pulled "something" out of his pocket, police said, and punched the brother in the face, causing him to stagger backward. The husband then punched him several more times.

The fight ended when the husband helped his bleeding wife off the ground and took her down the street to call an ambulance. The wife, who faces a harassment charge, was taken to Decatur General Hospital, where she was treated for two puncture wounds.

The sister, who faces a third-degree assault charge, went by private vehicle to Decatur General Hospital. She told police she suffered head and back injuries when she was thrown to the pavement.

Her brother, who is charged with harassment, also went to the hospital, suffering a broken nose, a broken wrist, and possibly a fractured orbit around his left eye. Article here.

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Secret Sex Club at Texas High School? 3k?

There was a secret sex club at Ozen High School that involved students, alumni and possibly even an employee of the school.

A Jefferson County Grand Jury has indicted a current Ozen employee, 42-year-old Tommy Floyd Granger for indecency with a child.A former student, 25-year-old Byron Aaron Bell was also indicted for sexual assault. The accuser is coming forward 5 years after she says the assault took place.

She claims she was part of a group known as "3K" made up of 9th and 10th grade girls who would perform sexual favors for upper class boys.

We're not detailing what 3K stands for because the title is explicit in nature. The accuser told Beaumont Police she was sexually assaulted in the Ozen High School Field House in 2001 by Granger and Bell.
Police say she was 14 or 15 years old at the time. Police say Bell was a former Ozen Football Player who had already graduated from the school. Article here.

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Woman comes home to find her house clean?

When Debbie Phillips tried to report a crime, police just snickered. "I told him that someone came into my house and cleaned," the president of the Putnam County School Board said. "He just laughed."

The problem wasn't that her home smelled a little fresher or looked a little tidier. The problem was that Phillips had no idea who the mystery cleaner was.

Her husband denied cleaning up the joint. So did her next-door neighbor. Everyone she asked denied responsibility.

All she knew was the rugs weren't where she had left them that morning in June. Trinkets had been rearranged and in the master bedroom, the bed was made differently. It didn't look like anything had been stolen, but she couldn't be sure.

Nearly a month passed before the mystery was solved. Her son called her at work recently after a cleaning lady arrived at the front door.

As it turns out, her neighbor across the street, with a similar house number, the same number of rooms to be cleaned and a house key hidden in a similar spot outside, had hired a cleaning service. "They just came to the wrong door," Phillips said. Article here.