Monday, August 13, 2007

This chick has a hidden talent. Watch this.

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Your mom has... nice boobies.


Beautiful people earn 12% more money than ugly people

For the beautiful people are not just pleasing on the eye: it seems they are also wealthier, more successful and much easier to get on with.

Researchers investigating whether there is a beauty premium to be had in the workplace have found that those they deemed the most attractive make 12 per cent more money than those regarded as less goodlooking. Average Joes and Joans have little to smile about either, with the moderately attractive taking home seven per cent less in earnings than the prettiest people.

The main reason for the apparent victory of the lookers is that they are seen as more helpful and co-operative.

"Attractive people make more money than middle attractive people, who in turn make more money than unattractive people," declared the researchers.

In fact, they found that that attractive people are, on average, less selfish than moderately attractive people. The team said one theory why people are more co-operative with attractive people is that they believe them to be more helpful.

They say attractive people are consistently judged and treated more positively, and the results show that 39 per cent of attractive men and women were judged to be helpful, compared to 16 per cent of middle attractive people, and only six per cent of unattractive people. » Article here


[semi-sorta funny] Pet Peeves

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Teenager overdoses on caffeine after 14 shots of espresso

A teenage waitress overdosed on caffeine after drinking 14 shots of espresso. Jasmine Willis, 17, could hardly breathe and was taken to hospital with a high temperature and heart palpitations.

She had drunk almost three times the recommended daily amount of caffeine in just four hours. She began her coffee binge last Wednesday after getting only five hours' sleep the previous night.

"I decided to have a double espresso to perk me up," she said. "It did the trick so I had one after another and they seemed to be working. I felt great - as if I could take on the world." By noon she was feeling unwell and crying and laughing uncontrollably in front of bewildered customers.

Miss Willis said: "My nerves were jangling. Tears were streaming down my face. People kept asking me if I was all right." Her father sent her home but by
the following morning she could not feel her lips and was struggling to breathe.

Miss Willis, from Stanley, County Durham, spent several hours under observation at the University Hospital of North Durham, where the caffeine overdose was diagnosed. » Article here


Clever. I mean, it's just Windows.


Crack-smoking naked dude busted in stranger's hot tub

Police arrested a man after he was found naked in a hot tub.

On Sunday night, police were called to a home following a call of a suspicious man. That’s where police found 49-year-old Richard Hedin of in the hot tub. Police also found Hedin had a crack pipe.

He faces indecent exposure, drug, and public drunkenness charges. Hedin is currently in Cumberland County Prison. » Article here


[semi-sorta funny] Dude recites 'T-Pain, Buy You A Drank'.

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I'll just have one donut.


Dude arrested for castrating ex's cat with box cutters.

A man who was frustrated with his ex-girlfriend took his anger out on her cat by castrating it with a box cutter, Eugene police said. erry Caswell, 31, was arrested and charged with multiple counts stemming from the incident.

Caswell was angry at his ex-girlfriend for not coming to his house Friday night. So Caswell drugged her cat "Romeo" with human medication and then castrated it with a box cutter. The cat was transported to the Springfield Emergency Veterinary Hospital and is expected to recover.

Police found that Caswell was a convicted felon and that he had multiple firearms and body armor in his home, which is prohibited for felons under Oregon state law. » Article here


Go-go-gadget bike!


31-year-old teacher has sex with 16-year-old.

Instead of providing teenagers with a Christian education, a private school teacher is accused of having sex with a student. Police arrested 31-year old Daniel Hughes for having sex with a student for over a year. She was 16 when the relationship started, 17 when it ended.

Hughes is the athletic director for the Grove Avenue Christian school which is part of Grove Avenue Baptist Church and because of his job he faces more serious charges. Police say Hughes is charged with 10 counts of taking indecent liberties by a custodian. Each charge carries a five year sentence. » Article here


Photoworthy: the wedding photo


Dude assaults neighbor with golfclub for not joining exercise session.

A man was arrested Monday after assaulting a neighbor who refused to participate in a gymnastic exercise event organized by the neighborhood association, police said. Katsuya Mori, 34, a company employee of Kanda, stands accused of inflicting bodily injury and damaging property.

Mori visited a 35-year-old self-employed man's home in Kanda when he was drunk, and hit him, investigators said. Mori then hurled a concrete chunk at the victim's 5-year-old daughter and threatened to kill her.

At the time, Mori criticized the neighbor for refusing to participate in a radio gymnastic exercise session for summer vacation organized by the neighborhood association. "Come to the exercise session," Mori was quoted as shouting at the victim's home. "You never cooperate even though I'm enthusiastically organizing the event."

Mori then summoned the victim to his own home and hit him with a golf club, leaving him with injuries that took seven days to heal. » Article here