Monday, April 17, 2006

Passed out and drunk... really drunk.

You have 30 seconds to impress women

Half of all women make their minds up within 30 seconds of meeting a man about whether he is potential boyfriend material, according to a study on speed-dating.

The women were on average far quicker at making a decision than the men during some 500 speed dates at an event organized as part of Edinburgh Science Festival.

The scientists behind the research said this showed just how important chat-up lines were in dating. They found that those who were "highly skilled in seduction" used chat-up lines that encouraged their dates to talk about themselves in "an unusual, quirky way".

The top-rated female's best line was "What's your favourite pizza topping?" Failed Casanovas were those who offered up hackneyed comments like "Do you come here often?", or clumsy attempts to impress, such as "I have a PhD in computing".

About a third of the speed dates were actually over within the first 30 seconds, but there was a marked difference between the sexes with 45 per cent of women coming to a decision within 30 seconds, compared with only 22 per cent of men.

Professor Richard Wiseman, of Hertfordshire University, said: "Men are often accused of being shallow and judging women very quickly. However, this evidence suggests that women may make up their minds much quicker than men. It suggests men have only a few seconds to impress a woman, thus emphasising the importance of their opening comments."

The study also found that women were twice as picky as the men. However, both the top-rated man and woman of the evening had a 100 per cent success rate, with every one of their dates wanting to meet them again.

Conversation topics were also assessed. Only 9 per cent of pairs who talked about films agreed to meet again, compared with 18 per cent who spoke about the subject found to be the most suitable for dating: travel. Article here.

Tom Cruise's plane makes me wanna puke

Tom Cruise took to the air in a 63-year-old airplane as his pregnant fiancee, Katie Holmes, contemplated the birth of their child. Cruise took a P51 Mustang out for a spin, taking off from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif. Cruise owns the refurbished 1943 plane and is currently renting a hanger at the airport. To declare his love, Tom decided to inscribe the words "Kiss Me Kate" on the nose of the plane.

Uhhhhgghhh, I just puked in my mouth.

[via Just Jared]

Worker in elevator shaft decapitated?

A construction worker was decapitated by an elevator car Thursday as he peered into a freight-elevator shaft.

The accident happened at the site of a nine-story former warehouse that is being converted into 140 apartments for students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

The 44-year-old man, whose name was not released, was employed by a subcontractor that was doing work for Massaro Corp.

Massaro Corp. president Joseph Massaro III said the elevator operator did not know the man was peering into the shaft. Workers at the site use walkie-talkie-type phones to communicate with each other, Massaro said. Article here.

Lindsay Lohan's hairy chest... ewww!

What's it like to be a porn star?

So you want to be a Porn Star? Just about every guy has thought about becoming a Porn Star at one time or another… and the majority of girls have, too. Here are some notable Q/A taken from this article here:

1) What’s it like to be a Porn Star?
Being a Porn Star offers notoriety, fun, money, rubbing elbows with celebs, freedom with your work schedule, travel, and exciting sexual experiences. But it's not for everyone.

2) What kind of resume, experience, or personal attributes do you need?
Girls can get into porn no matter what... almost. If an attractive girl with a nice body (say a 6 or higher on a 1-10 scale) comes to Los Angeles for a week, she can make 2 adult videos each day for the whole week if she wants to. Then she goes home and counts her money. She won't be rich, but it'll probably be more money than she could make in 6 months otherwise.

Guys, on the other hand, have to live in Los Angeles. If you don't already live in Porn City, then you need to move to Los Angeles. Beyond that, guys fall into two categories: Those who have a chance on their own, and those who don't. But remember, there are ALWAYS exceptions!

In order for a guy to have a chance on his own he'll usually be a very attractive guy, have a good attitude, a nice appearance, be fairly intelligent, and be able to impress a potential employer regardless of what job he was applying for.

If you don't think you have a chance on your own, then you need either 1) a girl who gets into the biz, and brings you with her... she'll just say that she wants to work with you for the first few videos she's in, or 2) an uncle or somebody who you know in the business who gives you a chance, or 3) your own money so you can start your own company to make movies... with you as the male star!

6) How much money do Porn Stars make?
It depends. And there are exceptions, but generally girls make more than guys, and the range is wide. Girls make between 500 - 2000 per sex scene, with amounts depending on the who the girl is, and what the scene involves. Guys, in general, make about half as much as girls, but their rate is usually the same regardless of what type of sex they're doing. Below is a little more detail.

Guys - The range for guys is from 0-$600 per scene. Usually a new guy starts with small companies and small projects making $200 to $250 per scene. If the companies and girls you work with like you and your performances, word will travel fast, and you'll be working for the larger companies, higher budget projects, and with veteran female performers before you know it. And as you climb porn's "professional ladder", your "per scene" rate will increase if you expect it to. But you may have to ask for it with some companies. It basically follows the law of supply and demand. Guys usually get paid their per-scene rate for any scene that they do, and the same or slightly less for magazine shoots.

Girls - The range for girls is usually from a few hundred to $2000 per scene. A girl's starting point is determined by how marketable she is. She's what sells the product, so if she's a Playboy Playmate or Penthouse Pet, companies will pay a lot for her. Most girls start off making around $400-600 for a boy/girl scene, and after she starts showing up in some of the magazines, she can raise her rate and expect to get it. And the process continues from there.
Girls usually get paid around $500-$800 for a magazine shoot, with exceptions for the biggest stars.

13) What's it like being on a porn set & performing in a sex scene?
The director is the man... he sometimes has a producer who puts together a cast of guys and girls for the sex scenes, and any other non-sex roles that are called for... and sometimes he does it himself. The director also has a production assistant on the set on the day of the shoot who takes care of all the little stuff... like food and beverages, towels, lube, dealing with "talent" who are late or can't find the location, and collecting legal paperwork from the performers like model releases, HIV tests, and tax documents. And then there's the camera, sound, and lighting guys... the production crew.

Click here to read the full article.

Boobs are healthy for you...?

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Firefighters find secret weed stash

Firefighters dousing a fire in a new home were confused when the man they thought was the owner suddenly left — until they found $700,000 worth of marijuana plants in the basement.

"It seemed so strange to me" that the man left, said Wadsworth Fire Chief Ralph Copley. "If it were my home burning, I'd want to be there."

After firefighters extinguished the fire, which started in the attic early Friday morning, they found 239 marijuana plants filling one-fourth of the basement, which was wired throughout for indoor plant growing, authorities said.

"It was unreal," Copley said. "In 24 years, I've never seen a fire quite like that."

The Medina County Drug Task Force and firefighters on Friday confiscated items from the home, including peat moss, 1,000-watt bulbs and large reflecting discs. The basement had no fire damage.

The marijuana-cultivating system was wired to the home's electrical system in a way that bypassed the meter, said Michael Barnhardt, acting director of the task force. Such wiring would help a grower avoid the large electric bills that clue in investigators, he said.

Copley said the cause of the fire was unknown, but it did not appear to be related to the marijuana operation or electrical wiring. It caused about $150,000 in damage. The home, bought for $229,000 less than one month ago, is owned by a Lan Le. There is no telephone listing under that name in the northeast Ohio city 30 miles south of Cleveland.

I wonder... so was everyone that was standing around the house fire getting high off the fumes? Hmmm. That’d be kinda cool. Article here.

A lizard that is a toad with a split tail

Residents in rural Malaysia have found a two-tailed lizard and a toad with a 16-inch tail.

Farmer Ahmad Mustafa caught the unusual green lizard with a split tail near his house last month in the northern state of Penang, the New Straits Times said in a report accompanied by a photograph of the strange reptile.
Fed a diet of worms, the lizard is now 5.9 inches long "and it has found a special place in Ahmad's heart," the Times said.

Also Thursday, The Star said a toad with a tail measured at 15.75 inches has drawn curious onlookers to the home of a woman in the southern state of Johor.

Chiew Ah Chan said she was cleaning her house on Wednesday when she saw the toad trying to hop out of a drain. An Indonesian worker nearby caught the toad and handed it to the family, which intends to release it in the jungles in a few days after curiosity in the neighborhood has subsided. Article here.

Imitation Star Wars battle scene, cool!

Buy a $1,500 meteorite on eBay

Someone on eBay from Bay Minette, Alabama is selling a meteorite for $1,500.
The seller states that, “this meteorite was found in 1994 by a man who lives in a small town in south Alabama.”

It weighs is 5 lbs.

The seller also says it, “looks really good too”. Now, I’m not sure that I’d ever want to drop $1,500 on a rock… even if it is from outer space. But, some people think this stuff is really cool. I however could care less. Click here to see the actual eBay listing.

Bleachers stolen from baseball field?

Aluminum thieves made off with $4,000 worth of bleachers- enough seating for 100 people- from youth diamonds at P.C. Campana Park.

The bleachers began disappearing over several days last week. The thefts began with small end plates and cross sections and escalated to larger pieces, Lorain Youth Baseball president Chuck Camera said.
Theft of copper, aluminum and other metals is on the rise as prices soar, police said.

Dave Carter, operations manager for All American Recycling in Lorain, has offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the bleacher thieves.

Aluminum is selling for about 50 cents per pound, Carter said. Ohio law requires scrap yards to maintain a book of transactions that includes a description and the address of those who bring in metals. Police said they will cite local scrap yards that do not comply with state requirements for keeping records. Article here.

Lindsay Lohan's wax statue is freaky

This is a statue of Lindsay Lohan, completely made out of wax (from Madame Tussauds).

ATF agents detain college student ninja?

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm agents at the University of Georgia detained a “suspicious individual” near the Georgia Center, University Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said.

They detained a college kid dressed up as ninja.

Jeremiah Ransom, a sophomore from Macon, was leaving a Wesley Foundation a Pirate vs. Ninja event when he was detained (if you want to read more about what the Pirate vs. Ninja argument is all about read here).

After being held in investigative detention, he was found to have violated no criminal laws and was not arrested. “It was surreal,” Ransom said. “I was jogging from Wesley to Snelling when I heard someone yell ‘freeze.’” Ransom said he thought a friend was playing a joke before he realized officers had guns drawn and pointed at him.
ATF agents had noticed Ransom’s suspicious behavior and clothing and gave chase, apprehending him, Williamson said.

“Agents noticed someone wearing a bandanna across the face and acting in a somewhat suspicious manner, peeping around the corner,” said ATF special agent in charge Vanessa McLemore.

Ransom was wearing black sweatpants and an athletic T-shirt with one red bandanna covering the bottom half of his face and another covering the top of his head, Williamson said.

“Seeing someone with something across the face, from a federal standpoint — that’s not right,” McLemore said, explaining why agents believed something to be amiss.

Agents noticed Ransom peering around a corner and said when police sirens sounded, he took off running. After chasing Ransom and identifying themselves, ATF agents detained him, turning him over once University Police arrived, McLemore said.

Ransom said Williamson told him the incident should not have been handled in such a manner and he would file a complaint with the ATF.

This is too funny. Article here.

Air show crash…damn. Looks pretty bad.

Dog sniffs out owners brain tumor?

Steve Werner suspected his health was in trouble even before his golden retriever, Wrigley, started sniffing around. His symptoms were vague back in June - occasional ringing in his ears, a general feeling of unease. His doctor couldn't pinpoint a problem. Tests came back negative.
Then in July, Wrigley his dog started to behave strangely. Every day when Werner would curl up next to his beloved canine at his Brentwood home, she would turn, focus on his right ear and sniff doggedly.

"I thought it was just a friendly sniff," Werner said. "But after four or five days, I realized she seemed to be focusing on something. At some point, I noticed she was always sniffing at the opening of my right ear. She would set herself up and intently smell my ear."

One day, Werner was watching TV when a feature about cancer-sniffing dogs grabbed his attention. What he heard propelled him back to his doctor's office.

An MRI of Werner's head revealed a brain tumor the size of a pingpong ball that had spread into the inner canal of Werner's right ear - the very ear Wrigley had been sniffing persistently.

Werner, 40, had a rare nonmalignant tumor called acoustic schwannoma. If not caught in time, it could have caused a stroke or permanent facial paralysis. He underwent surgery in Los Angeles in February to remove it and has been recuperating at home.

What a great-feel-good-story-of-the-day huh? Read the full article here.

Ironic that the all the blondes tripped?


Tom Cruise says baby won't be baptized

Katie Holmes was raised Catholic, but her baby with Tom Cruise won't be baptized.

Cruise told Diane Sawyer in an upcoming interview that "you can be Catholic and be a Scientologist. You can be Jewish and be a Scientologist. But we're just Scientologists."
Cruise shrugs off stories of friction with Holmes' Catholic family and told Sawyer he's close with "the whole family."

And, he said "absolutely, yes"- they approve of Scientology. Cruise also confirmed that Holmes will go along with Scientology's practice of quiet birth.

He said it means to try to have no talking or other noise inside the delivery room. But, he said, "If she needs medicine, she needs medicine."

…and the irrationality of their relationship keeps going, and going, and going. It's to the point that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have successfully tainted their glamorous persona. They did it to themselves. Sucks, cause I really used to like them. Article here.