Friday, May 12, 2006

USA is totally hittin' that.

Man with foot-fetish-assault problem...?

A 23-year-old with a foot fetish has admitted he tried to kiss, fondle and lick the legs and toes of more than 70 women on the New York subway over the last three years.

In a handwritten confession to police released by the Manhattan district attorney's office, Joseph Weir said his aim was "to make them laugh and smile and open to talk to me."

Weir, who was arrested late last week after attacking a woman on a subway in lower Manhattan, is charged with forcible touching, sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment -- the latter charge referring to his habit of grabbing his victims' legs and not letting go.

He faces up to a year in jail if convicted and has been released on $6,000 bail until a court hearing on June 26.

In a rambling confession peppered with grammatical errors, Weir, who lives in Brooklyn, detailed how he accosted the women while riding the subways between Manhattan and the borough of Queens.

"I get on my knees, bow, grab their feet, kiss them. I grab their hand and tell them 'You're so beautiful. I'm not worthy,'" he wrote. "I do not give me real name. If they ask I will tell them my name is Anthony, Jason or Careem."

Weir said his motivation was to get to know the women, but he recalled that often they would move away when he tried to "taste and touch them." Article here.

Damn this kid has some guts.

Halle Berry had sex with herself on film

Celeb News is sayting that Halle Berry had to act out sex scenes alone in the new movie Perfect Stranger, because Bruce Willis couldn't make the shoot. Berry was forced to get erotic on a bed while the crew played a tape recording of Willis' voice. They later used computer technology to put the pair together, this is the first time the technique has been used for a sex scene.

A set source says, "Halle wasn't phased performing solo. Although she, in effect, keeps her hands to herself, she is very convincing indeed in the love scenes."

Weird. Article here.

Football fight knocks woman onto field

A fan fight at an arena league football game in Orlando, Fla., that ended when a woman was knocked onto the field has led to charges against one of the fans caught on tape, Local 6 News has learned.

Local 6 News showed video of a brawl between fans during the Orlando Predators game in April at the TD Waterhouse Centre. During the melee, a woman was hit and fell over a wall and onto the field. Several players rushed to her aid.
Wednesday, prosecutors charged Andrew Dreisbach with misdemeanor battery in connection with the fight.

Local 6 News has learned that Dreisbach will not be arrested but instead be ordered to appear in court to respond to the charge. Article here.


'Paralyzed' woman, runs from police?

A wheelchair-bound Los Angeles woman, who has repeatedly filed lawsuits over access for the disabled, got up and ran after police arrested her for fraud, authorities said on Thursday.

Laura Lee Medley, 35, had sued in at least four California cities over injuries she claimed she sustained while trying to navigate her wheelchair before she was suspected of fraud.

Medley, who claimed to be paralyzed from a drunk driving accident, was tracked to Las Vegas where police there took her into custody and then, when she complained of medical issues, to a local hospital, Long Beach prosecutor Belinda Mayes said.

"She gets to the hospital and while she's waiting for an examination, she gets up from the chair and runs," Mayes said. "Somebody remarked, 'That's where the great miracle occurred.'"

Medley sprinted through the hospital corridors but was quickly apprehended by police and booked pending extradition to San Bernardino, southern California, where she is facing charges of filing false documents, attempted grand theft and insurance fraud. Article here.

She’s grabbing Bugs Bunny’s carrot stick

Perfect attendance since kindergarten?

Not a cold, nor a cough, or even a cheerleading trip to Disney World could stop one local high school student's perfect attendance streak, in Denver.

Dakota Ridge High School senior Janel Barnes has attended class every day since she was in kindergarten. It's a record she says some of her friends don't understand.

"They always give me a hard time. They say miss school, come ditch with me. I say no, I'd rather not," said Barnes. In fact, many of the students the television station talked with couldn't relate.
Perfect attendance is a Barnes family tradition. Janel's older sister also never missed a day of school. "My sister went through it when I was a freshman and she had perfect attendance, and I thought if she can do it, I can do it. Why quit now?" said Barnes.

Not only does Janel go to class every day, but she also participates in school sports and works a part-time job.

"It’s always time consuming and I work, too, so sometimes it's hard to do homework, but I get it all done and get good grades," she said. Janel is considering continuing her perfect attendance streak in college next year. Article here.