Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dane Cook...funny can't describe him.

Dane Cook. Comedic Genius. Easily my favorite comedian ever. The best way I can describe him is Jim Carey on acid, to the 7th power. Dane Cook is an extremely physical comedian. His facial expressions and his non-stop running around the stage really make his performance style different. His material is different than Seinfeld (pointing out the obvious) or Eddie Murphy (overflowing with profanity), Cook more/less leans to relating common life experiences from an extreme “wouldn’t it be cool if…” perspective. Basically, he does good job of creating an audience atmosphere of “I feel like a kid”- with an “I don’t give a *u*k” attitude. His upcoming DVD/CD called Retaliation- I’ve already pre-ordered on Amazon…and I guarantee that if you watch a couple of video clips online you’ll see why he’s gaining fan base support exponentially each day. The only thing I wish is that he gained more attention; I think he’d be an awesome talk show host on Comedy Central or an HBO show. Who knows- maybe it’s in the works. Till then, check out his current DVD/CD Harmful If Swallowed I guarantee will make you laugh harder than you ever have before.

Check out Dane Cook making fun of Tom Cruise / Oprah fiasco on the Jimmy Kimmel show here.