Monday, January 23, 2006


Nurse drips urine/soiled diaper on face of patient?

A nursing assistant dripped urine on the face of an 83-year-old resident of a suburban care center, then threw a soiled diaper at his head after he asked for help.

Jamika Rush, 24, has been charged with abuse of a long-term care center resident, a felony that carries a maximum five-year prison term.

Rush, is accused of abusing the resident on Dec. 21 at the Elmhurst Extended Care Center, where she had worked for about four months.

She was fired immediately after the alleged abuse, said John Massard, the center's administrator.

"I'm thrilled they filed charges," said Massard, adding that when Rush was hired in September, he offered her the same warning he gives every new employee. "I told her: 'Don't abuse any of my residents.' ''

Article here.

Apparently, Shrek movie fans like Dust Busters?

What the f*ck is Grimace? No really... WTF?

During the random topics of conversation this Sunday, my roommates made an interesting observation about a friend. They mentioned how this friend looked like Grimace from McDonald's. Which then in turn sparked the question, what the heck is Grimace? The Google result? Nobody knows. I mean honestly, which kind of biotechnological accident produced this 'McDonaldland' aberration? Anyone know?

A kick-ass way to grind on a snowboard:

(click image to view video)

Chester like sleeping anywhere he goes...

Woman kills co-worker just to see a man

Brazilian police have arrested a woman they believe ordered the killing of a female former co-worker and an attempt on the life of another to get a permanent job next to a man she loved.

A duty police officer in Sao Paulo, said Carolina Farias Santos, 22, confessed that she had hired friends for about $1,300 to kill Monica Tamer, a full-time employee at an oil processing company where Santos had worked temporarily.

Santos told police she wanted to work next to a man she had fallen in love with during her stint at the company. She had been hired to temporarily replace another woman, Renata Boreli, who was filling in while Tamer was on maternity leave.

In November, Boreli was wounded as two assailants fired shots at her car, and then started to receive telephone threats warning her not return to work. The following month, Tamer, a mother of two, was killed.

Police traced phone calls to Boreli's house, which led them to Santos and four friends. Two were arrested along with Santos on Wednesday and two remained at large. Article here.

One sweet ass computer setup... 30" screens!

Why does fast food on TV look so damn good?

"The cold reality is, when you see a commercial on TV, McDonald's, for instance, what you are seeing is a multi-million dollar, professional technical effort to take what is essentially low grade dog food, and elevate it into something delectable, savory, gourmet and delicious.

What you have to keep in perspective, is that the burgers you see on TV are not what you're going to get in the restaurant. TV food is often lacquered with glossy chemicals, assembled with a studio precision that simply cannot be replicated in real life, and even a faux cheese sauce prop is concocted from white glue and yellow dye to add a richer, saucier appeal. What you see is not what you get, as is so often the case."

Never ever have I’ve received a quarter-pounder at McDonald’s that ‘towered’ and was stacked as big as the ones in their commercials! What's up with that? In the words of the comedian Dane Cook, “The person who takes the pictures of the french fries is simply amazing. He makes the hot-tasty-french-fries look like that they’ve just been freed from some sort of purgatory.” Article here.

James Bond's car was sold for 2.1 million dollars

The Aston Martin spy car from the James Bond movies "Thunderball" and "Goldfinger" - complete with machine guns and tire slashers - sold for 2.1 million dollars at a car auction.

The winning bidder for the 1965 Aston Martin DB5 was not identified Friday by RM Auctions officials.

It is one of only four cars originally constructed and used for 1964's "Goldfinger" and 1965's "Thunderball" as well as promotional tour use.

Damit! This car was totally on my list of things to buy this year. Article here.


Woman finds robbery suspect hiding inside trash

You never know what you'll find in the trash.

A Rochester, New York, woman went to toss a bag of garbage in her can yesterday when she found it was already full -- with a bank robbery suspect.

Police were searching for two men who allegedly robbed a bank yesterday morning. One was quickly caught. It turns out the second suspect jumped into the garbage can. Officers caught up with him a few streets away. Article here.

What the?

Corn Dog Air Freshener... WTF?

Product description:

"The corn dog is quite possibly the best food on a stick ever created! Close your eyes and you can almost smell the sweet honey batter and the steaming, salty meat product nestled inside. This long air freshener has the sharp aroma of bright yellow mustard, which might not make your car smell the best, but it will make all of your passengers drool. Comes with a string for hanging."

Uh, yeah I’m pretty sure this is one of the grossest possible scents any company could have made for an air freshener. Why in the world would you ever want to replicate this smell anywhere? I guess it would kind of make you feel like you where at the ball park… click here to buy a set of 3 for 4.95.

Check it out: a hallway/dorm room slip 'n slide

Redhead Cluster Phenomenon: the theory

"It’s been documented: You happen upon redheads in close sequence, followed by long periods of seeing none whatsoever. You’ll see five in an afternoon and then none for two weeks.

This, dear friends, is the Redhead Cluster Phenomenon.

If you watched several hundred people pass by, you would average three redheads per hundred people, assuming an even distribution. If the distribution were truly even, in fact, roughly one out of every 30 people would have red hair.

A bus at rush hour can easily hold 50 people. On how many days recently have you taken bus rides and noticed one or two redheads on each of those rides?

We do not observe an even distribution. We observe no redheads at all for days at a time, then an enormous spike in the graph in, say, a single afternoon. What’s going on here? Click here to read more about the Redhead Cluster Phenomenon.

Panda dude, just hangin' out

Man arrested wearing only a toga w/panties

Police captured a man wearing only a toga while he sped away in a car with women's underwear inside.

Michael Sean Ostrander, 33, was arrested Monday after allegedly breaking into the home of a woman and making off with some of her clothes.

The woman told police she was visiting a neighbor when she heard her burglar alarm go off and saw a man flee in a car. The woman gave chase and called the police.

According to the patrol, Ostrander was arrested near the Burke-Avery county line after stopping his car. The Sheriff's Office said it found panties and photos belonging to the woman inside Ostrander's car.

Ostrander is charged with breaking, entering and larceny, possession of stolen goods and speeding to avoid arrest - all felonies. He spent four years in prison following a 2001 conviction in Catawba County on a second-degree rape charge. Article here.