Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cool soccer advertisement

Your cell phone has more germs than a toliet?

Could you carry a dirty toilet seat around in your purse? Handle one several times a day? Or rub one on your face? If you have a mobile phone you're actually doing much worse.

According to British newspaper the Daily Mail, UK researchers have determined your mobile phone houses more bacteria than a toilet seat, the sole of a shoe, or a door handle.

"I believe it," said Danielle Cooper when stopped with her cell phone at the Seattle Center. Still she said she hadn't given it much thought until now. Your hands touch everything, no matter where you are, then your hands touch your cell phone," Cooper added.
In fact researchers say your mobile phone collects bacteria from your hands and your face. A common germ they found: staphylococcus aureus, which causes illnesses from zits and boils, to pneumonia and meningitis.

Worse, your phone is warm and kept in cozy pockets, handbags, and briefcases. Those factors make it easier for bacteria to breed. Article here.

Britney Spears, I'm sorry, you're ugly & dumb

As you’ve probably seen in previous posts, I just have had it with Britney Spears. I’d rather not hear about her in the news ever again. Please make it stop. She is contributing nothing good to society.

* Proof Britney Spears is a freakin' moron

* Britney is slowly turning into Michael Jackson

* Britney Spears officially f*ckin ugly

* I'm so tired of hearing about Britney Spears

* F'ugly looking Britney Spears

Woman bites husband's penis off for cheating

Police in Uganda are holding a 25-year-old woman who bit off her husband`s penis in a domestic brawl, and she now faces charges of assault, resulting into grievous bodily harm.

Margaret Apio, a mother of two, bit off the penis of her husband, Richard Okwii, after accusing him of cheating on her. Okwii is presently under intensive care at the referral hospital of Mulago, north of Kampala.

Divisional Police Commander, Amos Gumisiriza confirmed the incidence, and said Apio will be arraigned in court on next week Monday. "She (Apio) said it was a way of teaching her (Okwii) husband a lesson after exhausting peaceful means to stop him from cheating on her," Gumisiriza quoted the defendant Friday.

"She timed Okwii when he was very drunk (before committing the act). It was a pre-mediated assault," the police chief suggested.

Meanwhile a senior surgeon at Mulago hospital was quoted as saying that Okwi`s penis could be surgically re-attached if it was quickly recovered. Article here.

I’m guessing this isn’t his car

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Denial: This kind of fits. It's a little tight here, you see?
Reason: Yeah, it kinda makes you look pregnant. Maybe get the next size up?
Denial: Fuck you. I am not buying a size 10.
Reason: No one will know; it's just a number on the inside of the dress.
Denial: No, seriously, fuck you. I don't believe this. Let's just go to Subway. I am starving.
- Fitting room, Saks 5th Avenue

Teenage girl #1: Then he was kissing my forehead a lot after we hooked up so I told everyone there he was gay.
Teenage girl #2: Yeah, that is really gay.
- Houston St station

Girl: I think I might be allergic to the metal in the needle, so is there any sort of numbing gel or something you could use?
Punk rock employee: Yeah. I could hit you over the head with a fucking rock.
- Andromeda Tattoo Parlor, St Mark's

Guy: How do you get to Astor Place?
Old man: You go up 2 blocks, make a left, then go fuck yourself.
- 10th St & 5th Ave

Drunk bowling is always interesting

Dad drives tank into town to buy ice cream

A Czech man drove a Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) through a historic town centre to buy his kids an ice cream.

Miroslav Tucek, 34, now faces a €450+ ($575/£310) fine after driving the 12-tonne military vehicle through Hradec Kralove. He told police it was too far to walk from his home and he had promised his kids an ice cream.
He said he had to use the APC, which he bought from the Czech military, as his car had broken down. Only light vehicles are allowed in the historic centre of Hradec Kralove in the northern Czech Republic. Article here.

Gold Porsche = worth more than your life

'Heavy People' may collapse more in heat?

[is it just me, or is this article already stating the obvious? WTF?]

Obese people face a higher risk of passing out — or worse — during heat waves, some health experts say.

Layers of fat make it extra difficult for a body to dissipate heat, or to move to a cool location. Add in diabetic dehydration and other conditions common in the obese, and it's a recipe for trouble.

"ER physicians will tell you that they (obese people) are the ones collapsing," said Thomas Adams, a Michigan State University physiologist.

Federal health officials list obesity as a risk factor for heat-related illness, but health warnings generally focus on the dangers to children, the elderly and the socially isolated. Those are the groups considered most in danger of fatal heat stroke, health officials said.

The body cools itself by circulating blood to dissipate heat through the skin. A heavy person's heart must pump harder to circulate blood on a hot day. When a person is standing up, the most difficult place to circulate blood to is the brain. So inadequate circulation can cause someone to be lightheaded and to faint, Adams explained.

People also cool off by sweating. An obese person who cannot dissipate heat through circulation will sweat more, meaning they lose water and body salts to become more quickly dehydrated, he added. Article here.

This is what the corporate world does to you

Woman says Colin Farrell sucks at sex

After meeting Colin Farrell on the set of Woody Allen's new movie, a woman says she had sex with the Irish actor less than an hour after meeting him. Much to her surprise, he sucked. The woman, Angelique Jerome, Woody Allen's former nanny and current French model, says Farrell didn't exactly blow her mind. She says:

"He was enthusiastic and athletic. He was so keen to have me, he didn't want to wear any protection. He just said, 'It'll be OK, it'll be OK'. But for all his ardour, it was like he was reading from a text book, lurching from one position to another...We made love three times but the actual sex only lasted 10 minutes in total...I kept having to fake orgasms - one, two, three - to keep him happy and let him keep his dignity. It seemed the polite thing to do...And he was always looking me in the eye. I found that rather off-putting, as if I were some kind of school project. It was too clinical. He didn't at all come across as a sex god who had slept with countless woman. If I didn't know better, I could almost have thought it was his first time."

Uh, yikes... ouch? Source.

"Borat" movie trailer, looks pretty damn funny

Man kills woman, wouldn't accept drug money

Authorities said a man fatally stabbed a woman delivering drugs because she refused to accept a check for $300.

Police said the two began fighting when 23-year-old Christopher Ard asked if he could pay for the crack cocaine with a check Friday night. Reports show the two punched each other and then Ard grabbed a knife and stabbed her.

The woman's identity hasn't been released.

Investigators said Ard was treated for cuts on his neck and wrist before being transported to Santa Rosa County jail. Ard was charged with murder. Article here.