Monday, October 17, 2005

Watch a guy climb 400 ft in 4:25!

What's more impressive that watching a guy climb 400 ft in 4:25? He does it without any ropes or net to catch him if he falls. This is fuc*in crazy! Talk about having confidence in your abilities! Click here to watch the video.

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A article that will make you chuckle...

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Funny description on eBay leather pants

Check out this ebay item that was for sale…black DKNY leather pants. Yes- used, black, DKNY, leather pants. Who would want to buy these? Apparently 22 different people were compelled to place a bid for this. But that’s not the best part…check out the item description for these, the seller really just laid out the most frank opinion of his regret of owning these pants. Priceless. Click here to read the auction description.

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Random Rant of the Day

Is it just me…or don’t you hate when you pass someone who is going really slow on the highway- only to find when you look out your window as your passing the person, you notice they’re talking on their cell phone!?! Maybe if they got off the freakin’ phone they’d drive a little faster…or atleast- oh- I don’t know…maybe the speed limit! Of course, that would be asking to much.