Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hell yeah, I'd love to see how he landed this...

the dude in the bottom-right corner, his reaction is hilarious

Dude uses stun gun on 18-month old son? WTF?

A 21-year old mother contacted the Albany Police Department Saturday afternoon to report child abuse allegations against her husband. She told officers that her husband, 23-year old Rian James Whittman, shot her 18-month old son repeatedly with a stun gun causing injury.

The investigation revealed that Rian James Whittman used a 100,000 volt stun-gun device multiple times on his 18-month old son over an approximately 3-week period.

The child was taken to Samaritan Albany General Hospital where he was examined and treated for injuries from the stun-gun. The child was later taken into protective custody by the Department of Human Services.

Albany Capt. Eric Carter says the child received multiple injuries to his arms, stomach, back, and legs. Article here.

Kevin Federline’s throat has been slashed...

Kevin Federline had his throat slashed for a photoshoot by celebrity photographer Steven Klein for the “Face of Fashion” exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery (opening Feb. 15).

Says Steven Klein on K-Fed: “To me, a portrait is a representation of a person and a slash across a throat is the equivalent of a brushstroke. It’s like a classical painting. The slash, the make-up, is a mask that reveals who the person is. For me, the break in the skin shows that all portraits are lies. To see through the skin is to see someone’s reality.”

'champagne poppers' + string + door = surprise!

This was an easy puzzle to solve... ;)

[SNL skit] 80's Body Fusion (f/Drew Barrymore)

I hate Macs computers.

I hate Macs. I have always hated Macs. I hate people who use Macs. I even hate people who don't use Macs but sometimes wish they did. Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults; computers for scaredy cats too nervous to learn how proper computers work; computers for people who earnestly believe in feng shui.

PCs are the ramshackle computers of the people. You can build your own from scratch, then customise it into oblivion. Sometimes you have to slap it to make it work properly, just like the Tardis (Doctor Who, incidentally, would definitely use a PC). PCs have charm; Macs ooze pretension. When I sit down to use a Mac, the first thing I think is, "I hate Macs", and then I think, "Why has this rubbish aspirational ornament only got one mouse button?" Losing that second mouse button feels like losing a limb. If the ads were really honest, Webb would be standing there with one arm, struggling to open a packet of peanuts while Mitchell effortlessly tore his apart with both hands. But then, if the ads were really honest, Webb would be dressed in unbelievably po-faced avant-garde clothing with a gigantic glowing apple on his back. And instead of conducting a proper conversation, he would be repeatedly congratulating himself for looking so cool, and banging on about how he was going to use his new laptop to write a novel, without ever getting round to doing it, like a mediocre idiot.

Cue 10 years of nasal bleating from Mac-likers who profess to like Macs not because they are fashionable, but because "they are just better". Mac owners often sneer that kind of defence back at you when you mock their silly, posturing contraptions, because in doing so, you have inadvertently put your finger on the dark fear haunting their feeble, quivering soul - that in some sense, they are a superficial semi-person assembled from packaging; an infinitely sad, second-rate replicant who doesn't really know what they are doing here, but feels vaguely significant and creative each time they gaze at their sleek designer machine. And the more deftly constructed and wittily argued their defence, the more terrified and wounded they secretly are. Read more here.

Yeah dude, there's no excuse for it...

Justin Timberlake was high during the Punk'd prank

Pop star Justin Timberlake was high on marijuana when he made an emotional appearance on Ashton Kutcher's prank show PUNK'D in 2003. The singer was tricked into believing his possessions were being taken by the tax authorities and appeared to be on the verge of tears. The 26-year-old star has previously admitted that while recording his solo album Justified, he regularly smoked marijuana.
When asked about his bewildered appearance on Punk'd he explains, "I'll give you a little hint on that Punk'd thing. That was back in my first-album creative days. "That's why I looked the way I did, if that makes any sense to you." When asked by Entertainment Weekly magazine if he was high during the prank he laughingly replies, "Incredibly. Yeah, that was a trippy experience. That was why I was completely glassy-eyed. "As a matter of fact, I was like, okay, I got to stop doing this. I don't do that anymore!" Article here.

Entire 'Office' TV show cast as Wii Mii characters:

See the entire cast on flickr here.

'Chewbacca' impersonator head-butts tour guide

A Chewbacca impersonator was arrested after being accused of head-butting a Hollywood tour guide who warned the furry brown Wookiee about harassing two Japanese tourists, police said on Saturday.

"Nobody tells this Wookiee what to do," "Chewie" from the "Star Wars" movies said before slamming his head into the guide's forehead, the Los Angeles Times newspaper reported.

The 6-foot, 5-inch-(1.96-metre-) tall 44-year-old man was charged on Friday with misdemeanor battery and later released on $20,000 bail, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

"Superman" and other movie and cartoon impersonators were reported to be witnesses to the aggression in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater amid concern that such behavior could endanger their livelihoods. Article here.

Photoworthy: lightbulb burns out

What you are seeing is a capture of a lightbulb in the process of burning out. To create the shot, my friend Harley and I removed the glass enclosure of a standard household lightbulb (while leaving the innards intact) and powered it up in a pitch black room. The result was an immediate burn-out, which we were all too ready to photograph. The red hue on the smoke was added in post-processing. Source.
thanks rob

Buy your girlfriend six-foot tall roses for $250? WTF?

If love were an arms race, the wooer would now have the floral equivalent of a ballistic missile: a six-foot rose from Ecuador.

Delivered in a 78-inch box emblazoned "The World's Tallest Rose," the ultimate long-stemmed rose is up to 72 inches long and capped with a furled and individually wrapped crimson bud three inches high and almost as wide. Regular long-stemmed roses, by contrast, are about 28 inches long with a bud an inch and a half wide.
As with true love, the price of these "extreme roses" is not for the faint of heart. Expect to pay $249.95 for a dozen, plus $59.95 for priority shipping. A conventional bouquet will typically cost between $70 and $90 in advance of Valentine's Day next week, the peak period for cut-rose sales and prices. Read the full article here.