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14-year-old serves pot brownies at her birthday party

A girl is cooperating with police who say she admitted serving marijuana-laced brownies at her 14th birthday party, causing one guest to become ill.

Ligonier police Detective Gary Cox said the girl admitted putting marijuana into the brownies before baking and serving them to guests at the Feb. 24 party at her home.

One of the guests, a 13-year-old girl, became ill from ingesting the pot-laced brownies, he said. That child's parents became suspicious and used a drug-detection test purchased at a local drug store to test their child. After that test came back positive for THC -- the active ingredient in marijuana -- Cox said the teen's parents contacted police.

Cox said the girl suspected in the brownie incident is cooperating and has confessed to putting the pot in the pastries. At least one of the girl's parents was home at the time of the party, but he said neither parent had prior knowledge of their daughter's actions.

Cox said the girl told him she baked the marijuana in the brownies to get even with one of the other girls at the party. He said all of the girls at the party ate some of the brownies, including the birthday girl.

There is no evidence remaining, as all of the brownies were eaten at the party. Article here.


TV talk show fights are fun to watch no matter the language


This is how they make dildos... hmm interesting?


Teacher had drunk 'kids in the front yard puking'

A former High School teacher who resigned after police broke up an underage drinking party at her home has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

Allegheny County prosecutors agreed to drop 11 more serious charges of corruption of minors in exchange for Christina Kosik's plea, adding Wednesday they will press on with charges against her husband, John Kosik.

Police were called to the raucous party at the Kosik home, after getting reports of loud music and "kids in the front yard puking," said South Fayette police Chief Louis Volle. Christine and John Kosik were home at the time, Volle said.

Police charged the Kosiks with corruption and cited 30 minors -- some South Fayette High School students -- with underage drinking. Article here.


I hate this word -- but this is kinda funny (South Park)

South Park remains the king of all TV shows of senseless and distasteful entertainment... they always manage to push the comedic threshold.


Dude burns genitals while imitating "Jackass" stunt

Trying to duplicate a movie stunt landed a man in the hospital with burns to his hands and genitals and left a second man facing criminal charges.

Randell D. Peterson, 43, was charged Tuesday in Eau Claire County Court with felony counts of battery and first-degree reckless endangerment.

Police were called to Luther Hospital to meet with Jared W. Anderson, 20, who had serious burns to both his hands and genitals. Anderson said he didn’t want anyone to get in trouble because of what happened.

One of the characters in the movie lit his genitals on fire as a stunt. Anderson, who was drunk, wanted to duplicate the stunt. Peterson was willing to oblige.
Anderson pulled his pants down in Peterson’s kitchen. Peterson sprayed lighter fluid on Anderson’s genitals. After he was unable to start a fire, Peterson sprayed more lighter fluid on Anderson, and some of the fluid got on Anderson’s clothing. Peterson tried again and a fire started. Anderson’s genitals, hands and clothing all caught fire. Anderson ran into the bathroom, jumped in the bathtub and put the flames out.

Anderson’s burns were serious enough that skin was peeling off his hands. Two witnesses forced Anderson to go to the hospital. Anderson eventually was taken to the Regions Hospital Burn Unit in St. Paul with second-degree burns.

Peterson, if convicted, could face up to 10½ years in prison. Article here.


So stupid, it's funny.


Columnist rates "Idol" contestants on "bang factor"

This writer tells the truth in how he feels about the women of American Idol this year... lets just say he's really honest about how he feels about them...

We all know how well (or how horribly) the Idol girls sang on Wednesday night. Let’s talk about what really matters: How hot was each Idol hopeful?

While everyone is judging the Idol hopefuls by their singing and their "yo factor," I’m gonna do what a lot of people who tune into Idol do: Assess who is the hottest female contestant and rate them on their “bang factor.”
An Idol’s bang factor takes into consideration a number of qualities and traits such as sassiness, sexiness, cleavage, attire, ba-dunka-dunk, and so on. Each contestant gets graded on a scale from 1 (“No friggin’ way”) to 10 (“I almost banged my TV screen”)

(Note to self: Wife is probably getting really pissed off reading this right now. Be sure to order flowers to be delivered to her office, ASAP.) Click here to read the full article.


Damn, this ‘lil guy has a big tongue


Dude's pole vault stick explodes


Mystery dude is putting porn on Borders' shelves

Borders employees called police after finding two paperback pornographic books in the mystery and romance sections of their store. Three days later, employees found another similar pornographic book. "We think it's someone just trying to get a reaction," says the manager. Full article here.


How to escape from handcuffs:


Smelling roses before sleep can improve your memory

People who want to learn things might do better by simply stopping to smell the roses, researchers reported on Thursday. German researchers found they could use odours to re-activate new memories in the brains of people while they slept -- and the volunteers remembered better later.

Writing in the journal Science, they said their study showed that memories are indeed consolidated during sleep, and show that smells and perhaps other stimuli can reinforce brain learning pathways.

Jan Born of the University of Lubeck in Germany and colleagues had 74 volunteers learn to play games similar to the game of "Concentration" in which they must find matched pairs of objects or cards by turning only one over at a time. While doing this task, some of the volunteers inhaled the scent of roses. The volunteers then agreed to sleep inside an MRI tube. Functional magnetic resonance imaging was used to "watch" their brains while they slept.

At various stages during sleep, Born's team wafted in the same scent of roses. The volunteers were tested again the next day on what they had learnt. "After the odour night, participants remembered 97.2 percent of the card pairs they had learnt before sleep," the researchers wrote.

But they only remembered 86 percent of the pairs if they did not get the rose smell while sleeping. And the stage of sleep was important too, the researchers said in a finding that will add to the debate over whether people "learn" in their sleep the way some animals have been shown to. Article here.