Thursday, October 05, 2006

A dog that scuba dives?

50% of Americans admit to re-gifting?

A survey of 1,505 American adults, conducted by market research firm Harris Interactive, found that over half of the respondents admitted to "re-gifting" with passing on gifts becoming a far more common and acceptable phenomenon.

In fact 78 percent of consumers who were polled felt that it was acceptable to re-gift some or most of the time. Nancy Wong, a spokeswoman for Harris Interactive, said she was surprised by the number of people who admitted to re-gifting.

"It's not something I've thought about and when I saw that nearly half had done it -- 52 percent have re-gifted and or would re-gift -- it's quite a significant number," Wong told Reuters.

According to the survey, the mostly commonly re-gifted items were decorative household items, such as vases, paintings, picture frames and other trinkets.

Wong said that while 77 percent of respondents said they re-gifted because the item was perfectly suited to the new recipient, in some cases, the re-gift was far less generous.

The study showed that nine percent of people admitted that they re-gifted out of laziness to purchase a new gift and four percent confessed that they re-gifted out of dislike for the recipient. Article here.

Clever bar stool illusion

Porn star has sex while sky diving?

Porn star Vanessa Lynn didn't have to worry about rug burns during her latest shoot, but there were other hazards.

The dirty-blond hottie was being filmed having sex with a dude starting at 14,000 feet above the California desert during a skydiving scene for the XXX flick "Airgazmic" and cut open her leg as they came in for a landing.

"But she handled it like a pro and maintained her character," director Skye Blue told Fleshbot. Article here.

How drunk would you have to be to have...

What is you say? What's this crazy site all about? It's quite simple really. You post pictures of you, your friends, -- then we the people will then tell you how drunk we'd have to be before we think he/she/they are hot enough to have sex with. That's it.
Click here to try it out, or rate people for yourself...

Elevator with no floor?

The floor of this elevator car is painted to give the illusion that there's no floor at all. The artists sell the illusion really well, too, where there's even a sign warning you there's "work in progress."

Change 1 light bulb = finding 10,000 bees?

Two Miami roommates needed help to get rid of some unwanted visitors in their apartment. They discovered more than 10,000 bees in their kitchen ceiling.

Javier Tovar didn't know the hive was there until he tried to change a bulb in a ceiling light and the bees attacked him. The roommates quickly called in an exterminator.
"We thought maybe there may be a fist-size hive, but he just pulled out a basketball-sized hive. It's amazing," Tovar said.

The exterminator discovered that the hive belongs to a colony of Africanized bees, which are even more aggressive than normal bees. Article here.

Cute? or Porn?

Woman grabs male flight attendant's butt?

A woman was charged Wednesday with sexual assault after an altercation with a flight attendant on an airplane flying from Charlotte, N.C., to London, an official said.

Conan Bruce, a spokesman for the Federal Air Marshal Service in Washington, said the woman got into an argument with a male flight attendant aboard US Airways Flight 1494.

"During the altercation, she grabbed his buttocks," Bruce said, adding that he based that information on police reports. When the airplane landed at Gatwick Airport, Sussex police charged the woman with disrupting a flight and sexual assault, Bruce said. Article here.

Eye-balls, it’s whats for dinner.

The truth about food expiration dates:

How helpful are food expiration dates? Many of them are actually quite confusing...

The dates, for one, mean quite different things. For instance, "sell by" is more a guide for the store to know how long it can display a product for sale. The "best before" or "best if used by" date refers to a quality or flavor of the food. "Use by" works more like an expiration date, similar to that on medicines, and taking them after the date is not recommended.

Worse, some dates can actually be quite misleading. Few folks, for instance, know when they buy meat, that even if the sell-by date is five days away, the refrigerator at home usually isn't cool enough to keep the meat fresh for more than two days. Usually raw meat is kept around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, while the home refrigerator's temperature is set around 40 degrees to keep other things in the fridge (like vegetables) from freezing. So, food safety experts suggest that whether it's ground meat, or a pound of steak, or chicken, consumers either eat or freeze it within two days of buying.

Of course, even frozen meats don't last forever. Some, like ground beef, need to be consumed within three months of being frozen. "Ground meat spoils more quickly because there's more surface area for bacteria to grow on," says Tufts' Goldberg.

Many other foods, like potato chips or mayonnaise, that have oils or fat will go rancid and will taste bad before they can breed bacteria and hurt people. Surprisingly enough, eggs have a pretty long shelf life and can last as long as five weeks after the sell-by date if refrigerated properly.

Ultimately, most of these labels should be used more as a guide, rather than a hard and fast expiration date. And the confusion might even be a little deliberate on the part of the government.

What if men had breasts?

Drunk driver wrecks car into police building

Tampa, Florida officials said a drunk driver rammed into police headquarters overnight, causing $5,000 in damage to a pillar.

Christopher Jones apparently crashed into the building, causing the pillar the crack. He refused to get out of the car, wrapping his arms around the steering wheel before officers tried forcing him out and eventually shot him with a stun gun.

Jones was charged with DUI and resisting arrest without violence. Article here.