Wednesday, February 01, 2006


What is wrong with these guys?

What is wrong with these guys? Why are they looking the other way?

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Pastor sells church to buy a BMW? WTF?

A California pastor accused of selling his town's oldest church has pleaded guilty to embezzlement and agreed to 18 months in prison.

Randall Radic had preached at First Congregational Church of Ripon for nearly a decade before he sold the church last October for $525,000, allegedly using the money to buy a BMW.

Authorities said he also faked documents that gave him possession of his house, which was owned by the church, then used the property to take out loans.

The sales were voided because of fraudulent paperwork. The 53-year-old ex-pastor remains jailed as he awaits a formal sentencing and restitution hearing on March 16. Article here.

Bid on this crazy-ass 'crack' rabbit on eBay

I'm really not sure what's going on with this bunny. It kind of reminds me of Donny Darko. It's just plain freaky. Click here to see the actual eBay auction for this 'crack-rabbit'.

Whoa check out this rabbit, it's tiny!

I am 27 years younger than Bill Gates...

So my birthday is 5/24/1983, which means I am:

66 years 7 months younger than Walter Cronkite, age 89
27 years 7 months younger than Bill Gates, age 50
7 years 5 months younger than Tiger Woods, age 30
0 years 11 months younger than Prince William, age 23

I was:

11 years old when O. J. Simpson was charged with murder
7 years old when Operation Desert Storm began
6 years old during the fall of the Berlin Wallnot yet
1 year old when Apple introduced the Macintosh

Click here to try this out on your own, it's called the Age Gauge. Put your birth date in the pop up window after you click on the below link. What happens is pretty interesting.

Bull jumps into stands at show

A thousand pound bull named 'Little Birdy' jumps into the stands during a Mexico City bullfight, in Mexico City, injuring several spectators before it was killed. The bullfight resumed 30 minutes after the incident, which occurred during the second fight of the day during one of Mexico City's most popular weekend sporting events.

Cool gadget: the cell phone signal jammer!

Check this gadget out… it’s the CX 200 Portable Director II Cell Phone Jammer. Take a good look, because you may see a lot more of these little babies arriving here in the America once laws get changed, and people reach the end of tethers with loud mouths. There are two modes, one gives 70 seconds jamming around you, the other fades out the call ‘with natural atmosphere’ presumably to help you end calls you’d rather not continue. Around $71.00.

As much fun as I think this toy would be to have, if I was on a call and someone ‘faded out’ or ‘jammed’ your conversation- I’d be freakin’ pissed. You know someone is going to make it their life’s mission to just go around to the busiest intersections/ malls/ public places and have one of these things on all the time. Sh*t. This is a bad invention. We’re all screwed. Guess it’s back to rotary phones. Article here.

All these were cut from a single piece of paper:

All of these were cut from a single piece of paper and are held together only through folding. Crazy huh?

American will lose $780 million b/c of Super Bowl

Even if they don't gamble, the nation's employers stand to lose hundred of millions of dollars on the Super Bowl this week.

Global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas puts the loss to American companies at more than $780 million in productivity output this week as workers become distracted with Big Game hype.

The company said the losses relate to each 10-minute period that employees are paid while they stand around and discuss Super Bowl plans, gambling pools and team statistics.

And that doesn't even take into account the continued loss of productivity the following Monday, as employees analyze the game, rate commercials or simply fail to show up because of post-Super Bowl party illness.

Evidence that America loves football- screw work, right? Article here.

Thieves stealing hundreds of metal sewer covers?

The potholes here are getting out of control -- and it's a man-made problem. City officials believe the high price of scrap metal is spurring the thefts and have been warning area scrap yards not to buy any manhole covers.

Crews worked Monday to put up warning barriers for the holes once protected by the covers, which can weigh about 300 pounds.

"This is a severe public safety hazard we have here," said Margie Smith-Simmons, a spokeswoman for the city's Department of Public Works. "These manholes range in depth from 4 feet to 30 feet deep."

She said the profit motive for such thefts has escalated over the past two years as the price for a ton of scrap steel has gone from about $70 to $300.

"Very tough, very time consuming, very expensive," Ronnie Sanders, a city public works project manager, said of replacing the covers. "It's taxpayer dollars going out the window."

I need more cowbell !

A fun prank to play on someone's computer...

This prank ideally designed for the corporate work environment. However, it would work wonderfully on a friend’s computer in college as well. Check it out:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word on your victim's computer, then go to the program's AutoCorrect feature (Tools/AutoCorrect), which is designed to catch spelling errors and automatically fix them.

Step 2: Instruct the program to replace the word "the" with "thee," "but" with "butter," or "of" with "off." Then really get creative.

Step 3: Look on as Bob from Customer Service sends a company-wide e-mail that reads: "Please forward all requests about greasy duck butter and Slavic cabbage fart to the strange mole on my schvontz. Spank you. Cock balls banana."

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Wow, this dude is pretty damn good at surfing:

    • How fast can you click a mouse in 5 seconds?

      The point of this ‘game’ (if you will) is to click as fast as you can and try beat the top scores. This is a lot harder than you probably thinking. I was able to get 11 clicks in under 1 second, and 35 clicks in under 5 seconds. Click here to see how fast you can click your mouse. Pretty hard and frustrating after you do this a couple times. Be sure to take water breaks. Don't forget to stretch.

      (Click image to take the test)

      Flight attendant made love to Kenny Chesney?

      Kenny Chesney would probably put privacy at the top of his wish list these days.The New York Post quoted a Southwest Airlines flight attendant named Paula Jackson as saying she had been Chesney's lover for 10 years before he met and married Renee Zellweger.

      The paper reported the 47-year-old flight attendant announced to a planeload of people last week that she -- quote -- "taught him everything he knows."

      Jackson is a decade older than Chesney, but apparently also sings. She serenaded the passengers several times during the flight.

      Uh… has this woman checked into a local mental institution lately? I mean, really, there is a 000.5% chance that this is true. Cause honestly, wouldn’t the tabloids and paparazzi pick-up on this ‘no-name’ flight attendant girlfriend? Then again, I’m not sure if many people care what the hell Kenny Chesney is up to. I don’t, that’s for sure. Article here.