Monday, July 24, 2006

Mac vs. PC (Networking)

Do you have a "office husband/wife" at work?

In this year's Vault Office Romance Survey, there is the new phenomenon of the "office husband" or "office wife" to consider. The office husband/wife is someone that an employee does not have a romantic relationship with, but spends a lot of time with during the workday (on breaks, at lunch, etc.); 32% of survey respondents have one.

Most that do have an "office spouse" feel that there is no reason to keep aspects of this relationship hidden from their actual spouses or significant others. "I tell my real wife about going to lunch, etc. with my 'work wife,'" said one employee. But not everyone feels that way, as another survey respondent said, "If I talk about my 'work husband' too much and in a somewhat too positive light, my real husband starts to get suspicious and a little jealous; mind you, nothing is going on, we probably have "mini-crushes" on each other, but no more." Read the full article here.

Shower Breasts? WTF?

Product Description:

"This naughty nipple-topped pair attaches to your shower wall with the suckers provided, with each bosom having a compartment for shower gel, shampoo or conditioner. To dispense, simply squeeze away."

Click here to buy one for $26.91.

6-year-old cat has two faces?

He is one cat with two faces — and two names. The soft, fluffy feline belongs to a Millbury woman named Marty, who has asked us not to use her last name because she fears a crush of publicity, like that which surrounded the recent birth of a kitten with two faces in Ohio.
Cats with two faces are extremely rare, veterinarians say. Most die within days of being born.

The cat has two mouths, two noses and two working eyes. A third eye in the middle is not functional. Marty named her cat “Frank and Louie” so each face would have a name. Only one mouth, the one on the cat’s right side — or Frank’s side — is connected to an esophagus, so Frank gets all the food. Read the full article here.

Clever bench advertisement

Porch on top of a high rise in Manhattan, NY?

Mr. Puchkoff, who lives with his family on the top floor of a six-story building on Greenwich Street in the West Village NY, went to an architect friend, Lawrence Tobe, and told him he wanted a porch. “David wanted a folly, something to take him away from New York,” Mr. Tobe said. “I’ve done some roof terraces, but nothing that cool.”
The porch is basically a glorified bulkhead over a hole punched in the ceiling of the family’s loft to make way for a nautical stairway that rises to a landing with a galley-like kitchenette, with two paned windows and a door that opens to the roof. Now, the couple — he is a developer, she is a writer — don’t have to leave the city to hear the slam of a screen door, or watch a flock of mourning doves pecking for insects and seeds across the meadow.

Woman hit/owned by trashcan during storm

Shoplifter runs from cops, get stuck in swamp

A woman spotted leaving a K-mart last week with a bag of goods she allegedly didn't pay for ran off, with three K-mart employees in pursuit. The woman, we're told, jumped a guardrail and darted into some woods where she got stuck in a swamp.

A sheriff's deputy on patrol at the mall joined in the chase. When he caught up with the woman, he says she was mixing her pleas for help with expletives. The deputy says she later told him she stole the items to keep a drug dealer from killing her.

At her court appearance, the woman pleaded innocent to misdemeanor charges of retail theft, unlawful trespass and disorderly conduct. The judge released her for now, but set conditions, including drug screening and counseling. Article here.

Look at the little guy do the doggy dance Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?

On March 30, 2007, the Weinstein Company and IMAGI Animation Studios will be releasing a full length CGI version of one of my the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And to top it off, they have recently released the teaser trailer onto the net. Notice there aren't any cheesy looking turtle costumes, and of course no occurrences of Vanilla Ice (we can only hope).

Having your kid piss on your friends' SUV = priceless


Dennis may be the most famous unknown artist

Dennis Hwang may be the most famous unknown artist in the world -- his work doesn't hang in galleries or museums, but it's been viewed hundreds of millions of times.

The 28-year-old webmaster designs the whimsical logos that decorate's otherwise Spartan Web site on special occasions.

"It's always a fun kind of challenge to incorporate the logo into the design. Over the years, just because I kind of push myself to use different types of design if I can," Hwang said.

He has been manipulating the six letters in the Google name into shamrocks, fireworks, hearts and goblins since shortly after he got an internship there in 2000. Company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin found out that he was an art major in college.

"They said 'Hey Dennis, why don't you give this a shot,' and I've been doing it ever since," he said.

Now he's in charge of all Google's webmasters, and designing the logos is only about 20 percent of his job -- but that doesn't mean it's not a lot of work. Hwang said he had to do a string of all-nighters after he had what he called his "brilliant" idea to do individual designs for each of the 32 teams in this year's World Cup soccer tournament. See more of his work here.

An interesting way to roast wieners

Nissan pulls 'Sex & City' star's raunchy ad

Nissan has pulled a TV ad running in New Zealand starring Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall. That's because there were complaints it was way too raunchy.

In the ad, Cattrall purrs about Nissan's new sedan and the double-entendres flow. She goes beyond sex-obsessed Samantha from "Sex and the City," and says stuff like, "Why didn't you tell me it was so big? I just wasn't prepared for it."
And she tells a salesman, "Ah! That was amazing. Absolutely fabulous! I mean, the great body and the way you moved it."

New Zealand's Advertising Standards Complaints Board got complaints. Nissan took it off the air before the board could consider the objections. Article here.

Irie the cat likes computer games

Microsoft's version of the iPod = "Zune"

Microsoft said Friday it plans to release a new music and entertainment player and accompanying software under the "Zune" brand -- available this year, in a belated attempt to challenge the dominance of Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod player.

The announcement comes after weeks of rumors and speculation about such an offering. Microsoft (Charts) has already touted the products to record companies.

The iPod holds more than half of the digital media player market, according to research company NPD, while iTunes accounts for over 70 percent of U.S. digital music sales. In the United States, the iPod has more than 75 percent of the digital music player market, according to NPD.

Microsoft did not disclose pricing for the new media player or whether it would be willing to take losses on the hardware to make money from the sale of music, video and possibly games. This is the strategy it adopted with Xbox game console.

"The iPod is going to be a tough nut to crack, but you probably could have said the same thing with Sony and the PlayStation and it has done a good job positioning the Xbox," said Toan Tran, analyst at Morningstar. Read the full article here.