Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Off and running... ;)


[hilarious] dude thows pizza during baseball game

Who throws a pizza honestly? :) Also, the announcers commentary is hilarious during this clip. (jump to 1:49)


Dude proposes on the Price is Right


Angry soccer mom drops her daughter on side of highway

An angry soccer mom who left her teenage daughter alongside an interstate was ticketed for neglect, Lincoln police said Tuesday. Police spokeswoman Katherine Finnell confirmed this account from police reports:

The 42-year-old Lincoln mom was miffed about her daughter's poor play on Saturday. On their drive home the girl flubbed the lines her mom had drilled into her on how to improve her game, so the mother slapped her daughter.

The girl told her mom to pull over. The mom did, near the downtown Lincoln exit off Interstate 80. The mom yelled at the girl to get out. When she did, her mom drove off.

A teammate's parent spotted the girl alongside the interstate, stopped to pick her up, then took her to their home and called police. Article here.


[snl skit] intimate moment with John Mayer & Jessica Simpson

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Hockey player's pre-game ritual locker room dance:

(Ryan Hollweg of the New York Rangers does his locker room dance)


Dude starts business in which he 'breaks-up couples'

Business is booming for a Berlin entrepreneur's unique service -- delivering break-up messages for a fee. Bernd Dressler, who charges 50 euros ($68) to tell people they have been dumped, says he has helped end 200 relationships in the last 11 months.

"I almost never get invited in for a coffee," he told the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper on Monday. "Most of the time they're totally surprised."

Breaking the bad news only takes about three minutes and often leaves the message recipients in a state of shock, said Dressler, a trained economist. Article here.


What if... celebrities were fat?

Jennifer Lopez
Julia Roberts
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Elizabeth Hurley


VT Massacre scare prompts OU to shut down because of umbrella?

The Norman campus of the University of Oklahoma briefly experienced a lockdown this morning after officials received a report of an unidentified Caucasian male of student age carrying a “suspicious object.”

According to a campus-wide email issued at 9:32 a.m., university deans, directors and chairs were ordered to “Immediately take action to keep all individuals within their current buildings into further notice.” A second email was sent by President David L. Boren’s office at 9:50 a.m. to students, faculty and staff. The note stated, “students, faculty and staff should stay in their buildings or dorms until further notice.”

Shortly after 10 a.m. the lockdown was lifted and Boren issued a statement attributing the action to a yoga mat mistaken for a weapon. Later, officials said it was an umbrella.

"It is now believed that the person was possibly carrying a yoga mat which was mistaken for a weapon. We should therefore proceed with the normal schedule.”

“The person apparently seen by the student making the earlier report has self-identified himself,” Boren said. “He was carrying an umbrella and not a weapon. We appreciate his action in identifying himself. We now consider the matter closed. I appreciate the cooperation from the university community in this matter. We always want to err on the side of caution in a situation like this.” Full article here.


You are NOT the father!

(even though this is kind of old, it's still worth a good chuckle)


Photoworthy: the skateboard flip


Sex DVD mailed to parents, principal having sex in office

The school principal at the center of a sex video scandal issued a public apology today as children at Sandridge Elementary School returned from spring break.

Leroy Coleman, 56, resigned Thursday after a secretly filmed DVD showing him having sex in his office with science teacher Janet Lofton, 41, was mailed to parents and the media.

Lofton also resigned, as did Anjala Reed, a teacher’s aide shown hugging and kissing with Coleman. In a statement released by his attorney today, Coleman said, “I want to apologize to my wife of 30 years. Full article here.

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