Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jenn Sterger Interview is in its final stages

Keep checking back here exclusively at Across-the-Board the blog, I hope to have the Jenn Sterger interview finalized by the end of the week.

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Why not give her herpes too and be done with it?

Fun phrase to randomly Google: Penis Pump

We are all guilty of it. You think of something… and the first thing you do is Google it. Viewing the search results can be like Christmas- you never know what you might get.

My roommate reminded me of the time I jokingly told him that 'I found a penis pump in his room'… in front of a good girlfriend of his. And she believed me. This led to a weird yet curious epiphany. The result? Here is the search results for the phrase, ‘Penis Pump’:

“Penis pumps are hard plastic cylinders that fit over the penis and create a vacuum using suction. They are meant to help a man get an erection or to simulate a blow job. Penis pumps won’t permanently enlarge your penis; the changes are temporary.

Many men find the intense suction sensation to be an enjoyable addition to masturbation, while others like the looks of their dick stretched out in the cylinder.”

Weird I know. But funny (admit it). For even more fun, try saying the words ‘Penis Pump’ aloud without laughing. For extended fun interject the words ‘Penis Pump’ five times during the course of a 5 minute conversation while talking to your parents. If they don’t notice, consider yourself the ‘jedi master.’

Talk about a bad fire, this was seen from space

The XBox 360 is NOT the ultimate holiday gift

What’s the ultimate childrens gift for the holidays? This thing.

Check it out, it’s a gasoline-powered ‘off-Roader’ and features an all-weather fiberglass body with a protective frame, rack-and-pinion steering, dual hydraulic disk brakes, a manual emergency brake, rubber tires, and full front and rear suspension.

Are you kidding me!?!

The vehicle also comes equipped with a three-speed transmission, and tops out at 30 mph. It also has a removable, fully functional radio and tape deck, and speakers on the side doors.

Price Tag: $40,000

FAO Schwarz (the toy store that is selling it) adds in the description of the vehicle, “Your young driver will be comfortable cruising around in the adjustable upholstered leather seats.”

It should read, “Your parents are so ridiculously rich, they decided to blow 40k on this silly ass clown car that you’ll probably drive a total of 3 times. Merry Christmas son."

Click here to buy one. Don’t like the Hummer version? Try checking out the Audi Cabrio here (it's only $16,000).

The last photograph of the honeymoon...

(Look closely at the keys and the towel)

Mom trapped in fire throws baby out of window

A mother trapped in a burning third-floor apartment prayed and then dropped her 1-month-old son out a window to the crowd below. The infant was caught safely by a man who plays catcher for his employer's baseball team.

The rescuer gave the baby mouth-to-mouth resuscitation — a skill he picked up two decades ago as a teenage lifeguard — and the mother was rescued by firefighters. Both were treated at a hopsital and released. Article here.

This story actually happened in Kansas City. I remember hearing this story on my way to work… they caught the entire thing on one of the security cameras. Click here to watch the video.

(click image to watch video)

Police 'whack' giant snow penis...?!?

What, some might ask Jessica Sherer, is with the giant snow penis she built on her boyfriend's lawn this week?

The 6-foot tall, anatomically correct, finely detailed penis raised some questions Monday.

Especially for police.

"We got some calls that people thought it was offensive," said New Windsor police Chief Michael Biasotti. "We assumed it was some kids who did it."

Officers found no one home. Assuming the snow sculpture was more prank than nod to Christmas' pagan roots, the police knocked it down. Beat it down with shovels, actually.

"We came back around 11 in the morning, and it was just a pile of snow," recalled Sherer, 19. "Just some shovel marks."

Sherer, um, erected the statue with her boyfriend and another friend Sunday. She said she was surprised to hear some neighbors took offense.

Motorists honked their approval, and people walking by pointed and laughed, she said.

"People were waving and laughing," she said. "It was pretty funny."

No citations or criminal violations will be issued for the display, Biasotti said. The town codes prohibit lewd signs on businesses, but don't mention anything about public snow sculptures.

She intends to rebuild. Article here.

Offensive Driving can be really fun

Semi-sorta funny video. It's actually pretty darn fun to watch this Land Rover Discovery driven so 'rough.' Click here to watch the video.

(click image to watch video)

iPod earbuds can cause deafness

Earbuds used with the iPod and other music players can increase the risk of hearing loss.

Dean Garstecki, of Northwestern University, researched and found that MP3 users often listen to music at 110 to 120 decibels which can cause hearing loss after about an hour of listening.

Because earbuds are placed directly into the ear, they cause damage by boosting the sound signal by as much as six to nine decibels.

So if you are one of those ‘super-duper-cool-people’ who wear your white iPod headphones around, you've been damaging your ears. Sucks to be you. Full article here.

Jiggle all the way... get it?

35 degrees in the middle of Boston… and these dudes are running in nothing but Speedos.

Don't worry, it’s for a good cause. The Seventh Annual Santa Speedo Run. The run is a benefit for a local nonprofit fighting breast cancer.
[via lycos50]

Fiancé fed her rats! Got idea from Fear Factor?

Even though this is kind of a long article, and somewhat hard to follow- it's worth the read. This story is so crazy it honestly could be the plot to a really interestingly weird movie.

Heather Brennan thought her fiancé, Travis Nickel, was a perfect match – until she learned he fed her rats, was engaged to another woman and had a child from a prior relationship, she alleges in a federal lawsuit.

Her 10-month love affair with Nickel, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, ended after he left her in July, two weeks before their wedding, she said. Broken-hearted and broke, the jilted bride is seeking $125,000 to recoup cancelled wedding costs and other debts, as well as compensation for the “humiliation and mental anguish” she endured.

The lawsuit, which Brennan prepared and filed herself in federal court in Scranton, accuses Nickel of a host of other misdeeds, including giving her the engagement ring that belonged to a different woman.

Contacted by phone in Kentucky, where he now lives, Nickel, 26, denied most of Brennan’s allegations. He claims Brennan broke off their relationship after she learned he had a 6-year-old son who was previously unknown to him. He said the suit is simply a means to harass him.

Brennan, 21, of George Avenue, insists she has evidence to support her claims – including the admittedly bizarre allegation that Nickel began mixing boiled, blended-up rats into her food some time after she moved to Arkansas with him in November 2004.

Brennan said she began having severe abdominal pain and other symptoms in March. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, until she moved back to Pennsylvania and uncovered e-mail conversations Nickel had with someone through an Internet forum.

Brennan said she found the information while cleaning out the e-mail account she shared with Nickel. Instructions advised to boil the rat, which would “help bring out the poisons,” and to cut off its head before blending it up.

Nickel did all the cooking, she suspects he blended the diced-up rat into dishes such as tacos and spaghetti that he frequently made. His intent was to make her ill so he could access money her mother had sent her, she said. She’s had no problems since she moved back.

“She did go to the doctor because she was sick, but what I got from the doctor’s office, it was a stomach virus,” Nickel said.

Nickel said he thinks Brennan got the idea because he and some friends were involved with a radio show that did a takeoff on the popular show “Fear Factor,” which features contestants who eat unusual things.

“They were doing a ‘Fear Factor’ Friday and they had a guy eat a rat. Everyone was corresponding through their chat site. That’s how she got that idea,” he said.

About the only thing Brennan and Nickel agree on is that the relationship ended on July 25, after Nickel told her he had just discovered he had a 6-year-old son living in Ohio.

Nickel said the child’s mother contacted him unexpectedly, about two weeks before his wedding to Brennan, to advise him she thought the child was his. When he told Brennan, he said she became “hysterical” and threw him out of the apartment.

“She got on the floor in the kitchen and started crying,” Nickel said. “She proceeded to act crazy. I had to have friends come and calm her down.”
Brennan admits she was upset, but said she was willing to go on with the wedding, which was scheduled to for a Nanticoke church on Aug. 6.

She said Nickel left their home in Arkansas on July 26, saying he needed to go to Ohio to take a paternity test.

“He said he was going to see if the child was his. He never came back.”
Left with no money and mounting bills, Brennan returned home with the help of her parents. That’s when she and her mother began investigating Nickel.

They learned another woman, who was just out of high school, was also supposedly engaged to Nickel. The woman had contacted Brennan after discovering Brennan was communicating with Nickel.

“She asked me why I was talking to him, he was her fiancé. I said ‘What do you mean, he asked me to marry him,” Brennan said.

Brennan said she continued to correspond with the woman and discovered Nickel had given her an engagement ring that seemed suspiciously similar to one Brennan was wearing. The woman told her Nickel had taken her ring to be repaired and had not given it back.

"I e-mailed her a picture of it. She said, ‘yeah, that’s mine,’

Brennan said Nickel continued to use her personal information, including her Social Security number to obtain credit. She learned he tried to purchase another ring, for yet another woman, in August. The purchase was nixed thanks to a fraud alert she placed on her credit file.

Nickel denies he was engaged to any other women, or that he improperly used Brennan’s personal information. He acknowledged there were financial problems, but said Brennan was as much to blame for them as him.

“What she’s doing is harassing me. It’s starting to ruin my life and she knows it. Payback is hell.”

Brennan insists she’s just trying to recoup her losses. Her parents paid for all of the wedding arrangements – she still has her gown, the invitations and other wedding items. They also loaned her at least $8,000 to cover expenses when she was in Arkansas.

“I’m 21. How do I pay this all back?” Article here.

Wow your friends at Starbucks with latte art!

How the hell do people do this? Doesn’t the whip cream stuff/creamer melt to quickly for anyone to be able to do this? Obviously not. Crazy ass sh*t if you ask me. Maybe if I was a coffee drinker I'd understand this better. To bad. I’d like to see a video of someone actually creating one of these pieces of ‘art.’ Click here to see more examples of Latte art.

Kevin Federline ACTION-less figure doll on eBay

Kevin Federline ACTION-less figure doll auction!

This complete eBay auction includes:

*1 busted up Ferrari-needs work courtesy of Britney (Ferrari is a hotwheels)
*3 fake gold studs
*2 fake gold chains-both have medallions (
1 with the letter K, 1 with the letters BS)
*1 blue bow tie
*1 dinner jacket
*2 cutoff pants legs
*2 cutoff sleeves

I know what you are probably thinking. This is way to be good to be true? I'm buying one for my cousin . Click here to see the actual eBay auction listing.

Boy murders his father because of bad grades

A 15-year-old boy allegedly killed his father, then set their home on fire because he was afraid his father would find out he was failing some classes.

Ryan Watts was charged Friday with murdering his father, 50-year-old John E. Bruner, who was initially believed to have died in the fire earlier this week. He was charged as an adult.

Watts was arrested Wednesday after an autopsy determined that Bruner died from multiple gunshot wounds and not from the fire.

Court documents allege he shot his father with a .45 in the head at close range, then set the body on fire because it was too heavy to carry to the backyard, where he had planned to bury it. Watts hid the gun and went to Taco Bell before calling 911 to report the fire, the documents said.

Watts' parents apparently were separated, and he had been staying at his mother's home since the fire.

If convicted, Watts faces life in prison. He is not eligible for the death penalty because he's a juvenile.

Unbelievable. This kid sounds like he killed with no remorse. What the heck is up with him going to Taco Bell before calling 911? WTF? Now, the majority of people will probably read this article and think how could this kid do this to his own father? However, I think most of the blame should be placed on the parents! If your own son thinks that it would be better to murder you than tell you the truth about his grades… there had/has to be some issues with they way you are raising your kids. I'm not a dad (yet)... but that's just the way I feel. Article here.