Monday, July 11, 2005

Great Wall of China... No problem!

Now you’ll never catch me watching an entire X-Games or any skateboarding competition…but I do respect what those guys can do. After seeing the pictures and hearing the facts this is pretty impressive-
(check out jump #5 on the website)

California skateboarder Danny Way jumped over an 18.6-metre gap in the Great Wall of China. He jumped a total of five times over the wall. Apparently other people have tried to jump the Great Wall before. In 2002, Wang Jiaxiong, a mountain biker, fractured his skull and died after overshooting his planned landing area (pictured here). Talk about a bummer. Probably should have planned that one out a little better huh? Danny Way is the first person to try the jump on a skateboard. Way already holds the world records for distance jumped by skateboard and for height at 24 metres and 7.1 metres. Major respect to you Mr. Danny-

Relationships & Breaking Up...

Relationships. These come with feelings of happiness, joy, and sometimes pain. The worst feeling can be breaking up with someone. After my roommate went through a dramatic breakup with a good friend turned girlfriend relationship- I google'd “bad breakups” to find a story to make him feel a little bit better about himself. Check out this video below that pokes humor at “how to tell when a relationship is over.”

I couldn’t help but think back to some of the breakup stories I’ve heard my friends tell. Let’s be honest, we all hate to go through a breakup- but hearing someone else tell a really bad breakup can be extremely entertaining. Check out these two bad breakup stories:

Two years ago, my boyfriend and I were going through some tough times. We'd been fighting a lot, but I still wanted things to work out. One morning at school, he walked up to me, slapped my ass, and gave me the longest, most passionate kiss he'd ever given me. I was overjoyed. He looked me right in the eyes, and said, "It's over. Later."

I got involved in a deeply loving, monogamous relationship with a girl I had known for about a day. Her name was Erin. She was five years older than me and had an amazing pair of legs. This was the girl for me; I was convinced that I had just found the love of my life. Ah, the stupidity of youth. We had been dating for about a two weeks when she asked to borrow my car. She needed to go to the store for some bullshit or another. Hey, why couldn't the love of my life borrow my car, right? I tossed her the keys and told her to pick up some milk. I guess what happened next was my fault. I mean, I really should have specified that driving my car to Mexico with three of her friends was completely unacceptable. I also should have mentioned that taking my credit and ATM cards without my knowledge, was impolite at best. (Not that I found out about that until my statements arrived next month.) Of course, after she was gone for two days, I called the cops. Being mildly retarded, I filed a missing persons report. It didn't even cross my mind that she could have stolen the car. She was practically my wife! It didn't take the cops too long to find her once I discovered she was using my Visa. (I guess I should say used my Visa. She bowled right over my five thousand dollar credit limit in just three days). They brought her back, along with the remains of my car, in short order. Things kind of snow balled on me after that. It turns out Erin was actually thirty years old and had an astounding criminal record. The credit card company decided that her use of my card was authorized by me, and imposed full charges. I can't charge a pack of gum at this point. My bank account was bone dry and the freelance job couldn't cover the bills. I had to quit and take a job driving trucks for Fed Ex. I have to take the bus to work everyday since the insurance company declared my car totaled, and gave me the grand it was worth. (You can imagine where that money went.) I saw Erin one last time, in court. I charged her with everything they had in the book, but she walked away a free woman. Turns out I was a jilted lover, who was simply pressing charges in a lust for revenge. Who knew?