Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is one hell of a bartending trick.

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Dude sells neighbor's dog at yard sale

Dachshund puppies can cost as much as $200, but last Saturday, a couple got a good deal when they bought one for 15 bucks at a yard sale. The problem is the dog didn't belong to the man who sold it.

"This is John Johns. ... I need to tell you what happened to your dog." Ann Loveless (the dog's owner) says, "And he said that he wanted to confess that he had sold Kringle in a yard sale."

Johns wasn't home Monday, but his wife Debra explains how it went down, "We put him in the backyard and he was nipping through the fence at our neighbor’s dog and my husband didn't like that and by the time I got out of the shower, he had sold the dog and gave the dog to this lady."

Debra Johns says both she and her husband feel terrible about what's happened. Debra explains, "I said John what you did was wrong, ethically wrong." Police say Loveless could press charges but instead she just wants her dog back. Article here.


Their team is so bad, even the kids are boozing.

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U.S. Soldier does Will Ferrell impression at a checkpoint

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[wow] Mother of 13 who wears a size zero

Joanne Watson had no assistance getting back to a size zero - despite giving birth 13 times.

The 36-year-old grandmother says there is no secret to retaining her remarkable figure -although it may have something to do with the work involved in looking after her enormous family. She and husband John, a 42-year-old lorry driver, feed and look after 11 of their children at their four-bedroom home in Guernsey. And now they are expecting again.
But as Mrs Watson says: "I wouldn't have it any other way. My family is my life. We both wanted to have another baby. I have been pregnant so often that I miss having a bump." And ever since she gave birth to Natasha 18 years ago, that bump has always disappeared pretty quickly.

Mrs Watson, who is 5ft 2in tall, has a 23in waist, has always been petite. Before the birth of her first child, she was a trim size six. And miraculously she was back in her old jeans four days after giving birth. Now even smaller at a size four - the controversial size zero in the U.S. - she recalls: "I certainly wasn't ready for a life in elastic-waisted trousers."
She insists she has never been on any kind of diet during her pregnancies, and even indulged in meals of burgers and chips. When she became pregnant again eight months after Natasha was born, she never got any bigger than a size eight. She added: "I sometimes get into trouble by borrowing stuff from my daughters' wardrobes." Full article here.


Now this is one well trained dog.


Girls playing soccer in the mud only wearing underwear

(is this really necessary? music videos can really just be anything now -- it doesn't need to make any sense to the music)

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The rights to brought in the second-highest payment for an address since the Web's creation, with closely held MXN Ltd. forking over $9.5 million.

Not a bad return for a domain that sold for a reported $47,000 in 1997. But couldn't command the payday of, which Boston firm Escom bought last year for more than $11 million in cash and stock.

Porn is evidently still preferred over business: sold in 1999 for $7.5 million. Article here.

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Photoworthy: the sandstorm


8-year-old finds pot in McDonald's Happy Meal

Keith and Andrea Irelan got quite a surprise on Monday night when they went through a McDonald's drive-thru in suburban Chicago and ordered three Happy Meals for their children. One of the packages contained a bag of marijuana. But the Irelans didn't notice that until after they got to a nearby park for a picnic. That's when their 8-year-old daughter noticed a few odd things in her package.
First she found a lighter. Then she found a pipe and a bag of marijuana. The Irelans immediately took it to police, who determined that it belonged to a 17 year-old high school senior who worked at the McDonald's.

He's been charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He's also been fired. McDonald's has apologized to the Irelans but they say they still might sue. Article here.

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This is no laughing matter.

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15-year-old gets drunk, wanders away in her underwear

Phoenix police said they found a missing 15-year-old girl at a neighbor's house. Police said Adriana Solorio Payan and another minor were drinking in the back yard of Adriana's home overnight.

Adriana wandered away around 3 a.m. Witnesses said she was extremely intoxicated and was wearing only a tank top and underwear. Patrol officers and detectives went door to door in her neighborhood and police used tracking dogs and helicopters in their search.

Detectives felt she was endangered because of the amount of alcohol she consumed. Full article here.


Why today? Why not tomorrow?


Japanese hospital has drop box for unwanted babies?

A Japanese drop box for unwanted babies triggered a wave of nationwide soul searching Wednesday, a day after it was discovered a preschooler -- and not an infant -- had been dumped there by his father on its first day of operation.

Nationally circulated newspapers warned that the anonymous drop-off, known as "Stork's Cradle," is open for abuse and could traumatize youngsters. They also condemned the father, saying his action could spur copycats.
The drop-off was opened last Thursday by the Catholic-run Jikei Hospital in the southern city of Kumamoto to discourage abortions and the abandonment of children in unsafe public places. The same day, a boy believed to be 3 was found inside. Full article here.

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