Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kids are maturing really fast nowadays

Store clerk attacks boy for stealing yo-yo?

Police said a convenience store clerk is being held without bail on suspicion of attacking a boy in Fort Pierce Florida, for not buying a yo-yo.

Amar Shreiteh is charged with attempted murder and false imprisonment. Police said he was working at Friendly's Meat and Grocery Store Monday morning when 14-year-old Jeremius Howard came in with his sister.

As the girl browsed for snacks, Howard allegedly played with a yo-yo. Police said that after the girl paid for the items, Howard put down the toy and tried to leave the store. They said Shreiteh demanded the boy pay for the yo-yo, but Howard told him it was already opened and he didn't want it. Authorities said Shreiteh then punched the boy.

Investigators allege he pulled the teenager behind the counter and stabbed him on the back of his arm with a butcher knife.
Another clerk tried to stop Shreiteh and suffered a serious wound to his right forearm. The teen was treated and released. Shreiteh is currently in police custody. Article here.

Wow, this guy's good at loopkicks

Mark "The Knife" - America's Got Talent

Rocket shoots drugs into space if cops come

Two men were smart enough to design a home-made rocket that would shoot their drugs into space if they were caught by police... but they were not smart enough to remember to plug it in while traveling through Missouri.

That little detail led two Kentucky men to prison, after they were stopped last summer with a cigarette-lighter-powered, drug-hiding rocket in the trunk of the car.

Joseph Seidl pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal charges of conspiring to deal methamphetamine. Michael Sullivan pleaded guilty last month to his role in the conspiracy.

Investigators said the duo planned to activate the rocket from the driver's seat, sending the two pounds of meth it contained from the trunk before officers could seize it. But the device wasn't plugged in, so it didn't go anywhere. Article here.

She really wants her ice cream

Rims of martini glasses dipped cleaning stuff?

Rims of the martini glasses were supposed to be dipped in sugar. Instead, they were mistakenly dipped in a caustic substance used to clean the restaurant’s fryer, restaurant owner Doug Goolsby said Monday.

A woman began spitting up blood and her sister and a friend suffered burns in their mouths after drinking martinis laced with a caustic cleaning substance Saturday night at a downtown Columbia restaurant.

Columbia police Sgt. Florence McCants said it appeared to be a “horrific accident” caused by a “breakdown of communication.” The investigation is continuing.

51-year-old Freddie Kelly of Lexington, initially went to Lexington Medical Center but left because it was too crowded. He said his lips, palate and tongue were burned but felt better after he swished his mouth with milk and spit it out.

Couillard said her sister spit up blood after her tongue started to peel.

“I woke up this morning with blood on my pillow,” Couillard said Monday, showing her cracked lips at her liquor store on Charleston Highway in Cayce. “I have no taste at all.”

Goolsby said investigators with city police and the state Department of Health and Environmental Control interviewed his employees and “realized it was a mistake.”

Goolsby said the incident occurred after a bartender who has worked at the restaurant about four months ran out of sugar. Not knowing where to find it, she asked a dishwasher for help.

The dishwasher, also a new employee who speaks mainly Spanish, gave her a box containing a white substance that looked like sugar. Goolsby said sugar is stored in a pantry. The bartender didn’t examine the box, which was labeled “Clean Force Fryer Cleaner,” and used a scoop to put the white substance into another container, Goolsby said.

The peach martini was a special drink offered at the restaurant that night. Goolsby said the cleaning substance, which is used once a week on the fryer, now is stored in the restaurant’s basement. Article here.

BMW invents a car that parks itself

BMW says it has developed a robotic parking system to solve the problem.

The luxury carmaker's parking-assist technology will park your car for you as you stand outside and watch, according to BMW during the demo of a working prototype at its Munich headquarters this week.

All you do is press down on a remote-control button and your Beamer parks itself. Click here to read how it works.

Eva Longoria without make-up? Ewww!!

(without make-up)

(with make-up)

6 out 10 adults are overweight? Seriously?

Only 20 years ago, what you weighed was mainly your own concern. That was before statistics showed that six out of 10 adult Americans weigh too much, and 17 percent of American children and teens are overweight or obese, too.
With such a large percentage of the population weighing more than is healthy, the public health implications of being overweight have taken on greater importance. Click here to find out if your State is OverWeight.

TV station gets hacked = funny

On February 26, 2004, a snowstorm hit Raleigh, NC and all the news channels posted the businesses and schools that would be closed the next day. Time Warner Cable's News 14 Carolina, chose the most convenient but least secure method to allow businesses to report closings: the Internet. Well, it was hacked (see TV screen shots):

Women could make sperm? WTF?

A new scientific breakthrough may lead to women in future being able to produce sperm.

Scientists in England have turned stem cells from am embryo into sperm which are capable of producing offspring. The breakthrough is likely to lead to new advances in treating male infertility and even the possibility that women could manufacture sperm.
The researchers isolated embryonic stem cells from an embryo only a few days old consisting of a cluster of cells. The cells were grown in a laboratory and screened to isolate the spermatogonial stem calls which were grown and then injected into female mouse eggs and grown in early stage embryos. Read the full article here.