Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What do you do when the lease is up?

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Woman bites off police officer's finger?

A woman faces up to three years in prison for biting off part of a police officer's finger during an argument over a kitten, authorities said Monday.

The officer was called to Pamela Greenlee's house because she was having a dispute with a man over the sale of a kitten and wanted police to remove him from her home. The officer was trying to restrain her when she bit off part of his right ring finger, police said.

Greenlee, 40, pleaded no contest on Monday to charges of battery to a law enforcement officer.

The finger was not reattached, Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Kevin Shomin told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Article here.

Check out what's at the 'Gun Show'

Eva Longoria is a sex teacher

Contact Music is reporting that Desperate Houswives star Eva Longoria had to teach Tony Parker (her husband) how to please her in the bedroom, because he is so inexperienced.
Eva admits she was the only one who knew what she was doing: "Tony's only been with one other person in his life. I'm the experienced one. I'm the teacher, especially about love."

Wow- uh- er- I feel so bad for him. Out of all the people he has to have ‘teach’ him, Eva Longoria? Man, Tony’s got a rough life. Damn, jerk.

Adam Morrison is one scary looking dude

1500 Venezuelans pose nude for artwork

In Caracas, Venezuela, more than 1,500 people shed their clothes on a main city avenue to pose for an American photographer whose specialty is taking pictures of naked crowds.

The subjects formed a human mosaic in front of a national symbol: a statue of independence hero Simon Bolivar.
As photographer Spencer Tunick shouted commands through a megaphone, nude people of every shape, size and skin tone gathered on the avenue and stairs in front of the statue just before dawn.
The nude subjects posed standing, lying down and on their knees as the warm Caribbean sun emerged on the eastern horizon. Tunick has been documenting groups of nude people in public places around the world since 1992. Click here to see more examples of his artwork.

Sign the Marty McFly shoe petition:

This guy has created a petition for NIKE to produce the "Back to the Future Part II" future NIKE sneakers (worn by Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox).

The petition creator claims, “It is the strong belief of the undersigned that these future NIKE sneakers would be immensely popular and not only boost NIKE's sales but gain new fans of the NIKE brand.”

Remember how cool these things were in the movie? I'd buy a pair of these shoes in a heart-beat.

Click here to sign the petition. (Currently there are around 7,342+ signatures)

Tom and Katie are already married?

Reports are going back and forth on whether or not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married last July in a Scientology ceremony.

Many believe they exchanged rings emblazoned with triangular Scientology symbols during a Caribbean cruise. They supposedly wear their rings only at church functions. John Travolta and Kirstie Alley, who are both Scientologists, are said to have been at the wedding, but Katie's Catholic family was not there. It is now been agreed that they will get married again this summer.

Of course they're getting re-married again! Why wouldn't they. Tom your actions can be described in one marvelous word: shenanigans.

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Ron Jeremy is a god, bow before him!

(the infamous Ron Jeremy)

Accidents involving shredders at home:

Warning: this story is not exactly gross, but it’s definitely not for the faint-at-heart. Don't say I didn't warn you...

As worries about identity theft have driven millions of Americans to buy document-shredding machines, safety officials and pediatricians are warning they can be hazardous, particularly to children and pets.
Since 2000, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has received 50 reports of injuries from home-shredder machines, including lacerations and amputated fingers. Almost two-thirds of the incidents involved children younger than 5, and some occurred even when there was adult supervision, prompting the agency to issue a safety alert warning parents to never allow children to operate a shredder.

George Foltin, director of the Center for Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, saw a 2-year-old girl with a shredder injury: The fingers of her right hand had been crushed and lacerated.
Pediatric center spokeswoman Patty Davis said the agency also is aware of at least five incidents in which dogs had their tongues caught in shredders. Some of the dogs had to be euthanized, Davis said.

In some incidents, children's fingers have become so lodged in the shredder that they had to be pried loose at an emergency room. One such case involved then-5-year-old Jared Lawson, who was using a shredder with his mother's supervision in March 2004. "We were packing and ran out of paper," recalled Jared's mother, Lora Lawson, who lives in a Dallas suburb. As she reached to get more paper, Jared's hand was pulled in. "The screaming that comes with that is something you'll never forget," she said.

Lawson tried to remove Jared's hand but could not. Neither could the paramedics. Jared finally had to be placed under general anesthesia before the shredder could be removed by a tool usually used to break plaster casts. "His fingers looked like ground meat when they came out of the machine; the bones in the third and fourth fingers were crushed and one had been partially amputated."

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Teens throw beer party for bail money?

Six teens have been arrested after police discovered dozens of minors drinking at a weekend party in New Hampshire that was being held to raise bail money for another teen jailed in Massachusetts.

Police said they discovered the party at the American Legion hall in Pelham, N.H., Saturday evening when an officer saw four people acting suspiciously in a van outside the building. They said 76 minors were taken into protective custody and six were arrested. They included a 16-year-old girl who jumped out a window to try to get away. Police said they expect they will charge the hosts.

It’s the thought that counts right? Article here.

What the heck is this thing?

Dude and chick bathrooms unite!

“Designed as a formal balance for both male and female users, it addresses issues of cleanliness and maintenance within technological limitations and ergonomic feasibility.

Uni-p provides for two types of usable positions within a single object, the upright (male) and semi-upright sitting (female) position. With a sanitary ware that serves both genders specifically, the Uni-p is one of practical minimalist – achieving maximum use with minimal material.”

Yeah, so you know how guys tend to ‘miss’ when they go to the bathroom… just think how many girls are going to be thrilled to walk into a bathroom where they are sharing the same type of ‘toliet’ as dudes. Probably not likely. To the designers credit, a semi-decent idea. (Designer: Tamar Dax)

Tiger bites drunk mans arm at county fair

A trucker who transported a tiger to the Putnam County Fair was treated at a hospital after the animal bit his arm, authorities said.

Jason Wayne Hardin, 25, of Westville, apparently stuck his arm into the tiger's cage about 2:25 a.m. Sunday, said Major Keith Riddick of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.
Hardin was drunk at the time of the incident, according to his sister, Heather Bass. He was taken to the Putnam County Hospital and then flown to Shands at the University of Florida, where he was treated and released for severed tendons in his forearm, said Kat Kelley, a spokeswoman for the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

"This was strictly human error and poor judgment," she said. "These are wild animals, and no matter how tame they are, they're still animals."

Florida Wildlife officials inspected the exhibit and ruled it to be safe. Under state safety requirements, there must be a certain distance between the animals' cages and a perimeter fence around them, Kelley said. Hardin's trailer was inside the perimeter fence, Kelley.

My favorite parts of this article: 1.)The person who reports Hardin drunk was his sister. 2.)This guy was drunk and thought it would be cool to stick his hand in a tiger cage. Article here.