Friday, June 02, 2006

Across-the-Board will resume Monday...

Unfortunately, there will only be one post today. I just got back from seeing the Nickel Creek concert, and it was awesome! Nickel Creek is one of my favorite groups, yet they aren’t the most critically acclaimed Grammy award winning band… but they do have is the ability to excel as artists when they perform live.

To me, the most frustrating thing to hear an artist(s) live or on TV that you initially thought was good- and come to find out they can’t sing for crap. In retrospect, when you hear an artist perform live that does well- it’s awesome. It brings their music to a whole new level. To conclude this random spiel, my call to action is to encourage you to attend a live concert/performance on a regular basis- nothing is more refreshing than hearing that song/album you love in the same presence as the artist(s) who wrote it.

Normal Across-the-Board posting will resume Monday. I'm hitting the sack for now- man I'm tired.