Monday, April 10, 2006


Woman who drink are smarter people

A drink or two a day might improve a woman's thinking ability, a new study claims.

Women who had up to two drinks a day scored about 20 percent higher on a test of mental ability than women who had less than one a day or didn't drink at all, according to a report in the April 7 issue of Stroke.
It's not startling news, acknowledged study author Dr. Clinton B. Wright, an assistant professor of neurology at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.

A potentially important finding of the new study was the doubt it cast on the theory that moderate alcohol intake helps preserve mental function by limiting the buildup of fatty plaque deposits in the carotid artery, the main blood vessel to the brain. Using ultrasound to image the carotid artery, the researchers found no relationship between alcohol intake and the amount of plaque in the artery.

One possible explanation is that alcohol improves the flow of blood in smaller arteries, Wright said. The Columbia researchers plan further studies to explore that possibility. Click here to read the full article.

Guy throws football 100+ yards...insane!

50-foot Eva Longoria seen from space!

In honor of Maxim's 100th issue, which is on newsstands this week, the men's magazine has created a 75-by-110-foot vinyl mesh replica of its January 2005 cover image of Eva Longoria in the desert outside Las Vegas. Nine workers took more than 15 hours to build the cover, which is so big that satellites are able to photograph the image from space.

The stunt was made possible by the city of Las Vegas and Google Earth.

"Leave it to Maxim to do something so creative and so wild to celebrate their 100th issue," says Longoria, who topped Maxim's Hot 100 list last year. "I guess space is no longer the final frontier. I am flattered, to say the least, to be TV's Sexiest Earthling."

Teacher arrested for giving wedgie?

New York Albany police have charged 41-year-old Mark Holley with endangering the welfare of a child for giving a student a wedgie.

Holley's a teacher at New Covenant Charter School in Albany.
Police said that during summer school last year, while a 10-year-old New Covenant student was in the bathroom, Holley grabbed the child's underwear and pulled it up.

The student's mother reported the incident to the school, but police were not notified until January. The arrest came after an investigation where police interviewed both the child and the teacher. Article here.

Jon always was the center of attention

Man beaten with frying pan for rape

A man accused of assault was beaten with a frying pan so severely that he may need plastic surgery.

Steubenville police said the man was injured in fight Monday night after he allegedly tried to sexually assault a woman in a home.

Police said the woman and her boyfriend retaliated by hitting the man over the head with a frying pan and a 40-ounce bottle of alcohol.

When officers arrived, they found the man lying in the street covered in blood with "severe lacerations all over his face and head," said Steubenville Police Detective Regis Holzworth.

Holzworth said the man who was beaten has provided little information and is not cooperating. Police said all he will say is his name, and they're not even sure he is who he says.

Detectives said the case will not move forward unless the woman decides to press charges.

Ouch. Serves him right. Article here.


Man hangs underwears from car mirrors?

A 58-year-old Wausau man was sentenced today to six months of probation after he was caught on videotape hanging underwear from the mirrors of vehicles at the Wausau and Marathon County Parks.

A judge ordered Thomas Vogedes to stay away parks and park employees as a condition of probation on disorderly conduct charges. He also must pay court costs.

Police received a complaint in August from Parks Department Director Bill Duncanson, who said bras and panties of all different sizes had been hung on the department’s vehicles 30 to 50 times at night while they were parked on River Drive. Some of the underwear is new and some seemed to be worn, according to the police report. Article here.

Nice work dudes

Error causes inmate to serve 10+ years

A man who spent 10 years too many behind bars because of a judge's sentencing error walked free Friday into the arms of his family.

Leonard Brown, 47, spent more than half his life behind bars after a judge wrongly sentenced him to 99 years on a robbery conviction that should have brought him a 15-year term instead.

A fellow inmate who once worked for a law firm discovered the error in Brown's file last year and helped him get it into court.

Brown was charged in two robberies in 1981, and charges were eventually filed to indicate that he was unarmed. He later was charged with violating his probation and found himself in back in court, facing Circuit Judge Harry Lee Coe the Third.

Coe, known for dishing out tough sentences, gave Brown 30 years in prison for attempted murder, 15 years for aggravated battery, five years for attempted robbery- and 99 years for armed robbery.

The problem was Brown pleaded to robbery- not armed robbery- which made the 99-year sentence illegal.

Damn. That sucks. I wonder if he can he sue? Article here.

Some cool wall paintings...

Goose attacks Toys 'R' Us shoppers

A goose in Philadelphia is going after shoppers at a Toys-R-Us store. He sits on top of the building and watches people come and go. If shoppers get too close to his part of the building, he attacks.
He's attacked three people so far.

"He came at you with his mouth open and everything, came right at your back. It seems like every time somebody had their back turned toward him, he comes at you," said Tim Gallagher.

This fowl tempered feather friend, has sent more than one shopper on a wild goose chase over the last few days. It's unclear why the goose is acting so aggressively, though we do they do that if they human are coming to close to a clutch of eggs.

The area right underneath the goose's perch has been roped off to keep the aerial assaults to a minimum, and Toys-R-Us employees have been escorting customers too and from the store.

This silly goose has become a bit of a tourist attraction, walking where it wants when it wants. That included do a little window shopping at Office Depot. Then it was back up to the roof to wait for the next person to nip.

"They pinch that's all, make a lot of noise and pinch and then they go away," said Andrew Green. Article here.

My Space the movie, it’ll make you chuckle

Teacher lets students skip class for a $1

A second middle school teacher accused of letting students sit out gym class in exchange for paying a daily $1 bribe has been arrested.

Tamara B. Tootle, 39, is facing six counts of bribery. She turned herself in late Thursday night after warranties were issued for her arrest, said Mike Ward, a spokesman for the sheriff's office. She was later released on bond.

Between August 2004 and May 2005, Tootle told students at Ernest Ward Middle School that they did not have to dress for her physical education class, but would still receive a 100 percent for participation if they gave her $1, authorities said.

Terence Braxton, 28, of Atmore, Ala., a former teacher at the same school was arrested in February on bribery charges. Officials said he could have made thousands of dollars by pulling the same stunt.

Authorities began investigating after students informed Principal Nancy Gindl-Perry of what was going on. Arnold said he does not believe any other teachers were involved.

"Hopefully, this closes a sad chapter," he said. Article here.

Book bound in human skin found?

A 300-year-old book that appears to be bound in human skin has been found in northern England, police said Saturday.

The macabre discovery was made on a central street in Leeds, and officers said the ledger may have been dumped following a burglary. Detectives were trying to trace its rightful owner and believe it may have been taken from a dwelling in the area.

Much of the text is in French, and it was not uncommon around the time of the French Revolution for books to be covered in human skin. The practice, known as anthropodermic bibliopegy, was sometimes used in the 18th and 19th centuries when accounts of murder trials were bound in the killer's skin.

West Yorkshire Police put two photographs of the book on their Web site, but officers were unable on Saturday to answer any questions about it, including the book's subject matter.

Ewwwww… sick. Anthropodermic bibliopegy is gross. Article here.

Principal oils fence to stop ditching?

A California principal is trying a slippery tactic to keep kids from cutting school- greasing the fence.

Principal Sergio Garcia ordered heavy wheel-bearing grease applied to the fence around Artesia High School in Southern California. He was trying to keep students from skipping out on class to join last week's immigration protests.

About 300 students left anyway.

And parent Sylvia Gooden complained to the school board. She said many of the students ended up covered with the messy stuff.

One school district official said the use of grease was within the principal's authority, but the board is taking a second look at the approach. Article here.