Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Surprisingly, he’s smarter than you think

11 people nailed to cross for Good Friday

A 45-year-old commercial sign maker in the Philippines is among 11 people who had themselves nailed to crosses Friday in observance of Good Friday.

For him, it was the 20th time he's taken part in the extreme ritual. He said it's his way of thanking God after miraculously surviving a fall from a building when he was a construction worker.
The Good Friday re-enactments mark the final hours of Jesus Christ.
Religious leaders in the Philippines oppose the event. But the annual Lenten ritual has become one of the country's most-awaited seasonal attractions in two villages north of Manila. Thousands watch as the devotees are crucified with 4-inch nails soaked in alcohol to prevent infection. An estimated 15,000 people are on hand to watch.

You think your devoted? Ask yourself, have you nailed yourself to a cross? Article here.

Jessica Simpson wears her wedding ring?

If you look beyond Jessica's intense cleavage, you will see she is wearing her wedding ring around her neck.
US weekly, among others, are all talking about how Jessica is still in love with Nick. Nick has had a good share of fun lately, which is obvious since he is dating Kristin Cavallari. Still, I think it's kind of weird to be wearing your ex-husbands wedding ring around your neck. Whatever.

Woman beaten to death over sandwiches

Police said a man used a microwave oven to attack his live-in girlfriend and then beat her to death early Thursday morning in Uniontown, Fayette County.

Walter Fordyce, 58, said he began arguing with Mary McCann, 55, after she refused to heat up roast beef sandwiches for him, according to police. Fordyce allegedly told police that he threw McCann on the floor, threw the microwave onto her chest and beat her head against the floor until she lost consciousness.

McCann was found dead in a bedroom at her home on Carlisle Street, police said.

WTF? Seriously? Article here.

Orange frappe cappuccino... (zoolander)

Diamond ring gets flushed down toliet

The day started and ended like any other this spring for the Ermence family of Naperville's Tall Grass neighborhood. In the evening, Carrie Ermence took off her diamond wedding ring to put lotion on her hands. Two days later, the ring was missing from its last resting place, and fear set in. Carrie and her husband, Mark, started retracing their steps and asking questions. That led them to their 6-year-old daughter, Taylor.

"Yeah, Mommy, I washed it for you," Taylor said, explaining she knew the ring had to be dried, and toilet paper seemed a fitting material to use. Taylor's words panicked her father.

"Obviously, I started sweating and got dizzy and had to sit down," Mark Ermence said of the incident last month.

He realized he had mistaken the wedding ring wrapped in toilet paper for a used tissue. Rather than aiming for the garbage can, Ermence disposed of it in the toilet.
Ermence started calling plumbers, who all gave him essentially the same thing: their condolences. "I learned more about sewer systems than I ever wanted to know," he said.

Frank Selvaggi of Naperville's Wastewater Department explained there was a good chance the ring was no longer in the home.

However, because the sewer mains in the Tall Grass area were to be cleaned the next day, perhaps something could be done.
"It was like a one in a million shot," recounted Mark Straughn, a Wastewater Department supervisor.

The next morning, two department workers, Jamie Antich and Tim Sloan, started running a hose into the main sewer line and rushing water through it to flush things back to where they were, Ermence explained.

A few runs of the water and glances through a catch-all basket yielded nothing. Ermence said he could see in the eyes of Antich and Sloan that hope was fading fast -- until something miraculous happened. Glittering in the middle of the sewer hole was the wedding ring, complete with a 1-carat marquee diamond and surrounding circle and baguette diamonds that Carrie Ermence had worn for the 14 years the couple have been married. Article here.

Crap, this is a lot foam to clean up.

This was supposed to be a test of a foam firefighting system in an air force hangar. The plan was to turn it on for a few seconds, to make sure it's got pressure and everything… then after 15 seconds you can see foam is covering all areas it has to, so the test is successful.

Then the plan was to shut it off.

But as you can see that didn’t happen. Whatever was meant to shut off the system after 15 seconds, did NOT shut it off and the foam continued to flow. Click here to see more pictures.

College student jailed for skippin jury duty

A 24-year-old college student was ordered to spend the weekend in jail after skipping out on jury duty.

Ilya Kluzner, a student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, must also write a five-page essay on the historical perspective of the American dream and why jury duty is crucial, under the sentence imposed by Oakland County Circuit Judge Fred Mester.
Mester found Kluzner in criminal contempt Thursday after he missed the second day of a two-day drug possession trial.

"He just felt like he was skipping class," Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Jeffrey Kaelin said.

The student initially faced up to 30 days in jail. His lawyer asked for leniency and his mother apologized for her son's behavior.

Whoa? They really punish people who don’t show up? …and we all thought the fine print was just to scare you. Article here.

Chuck Norris' Top 10, freakin' sweet.

Man changes traffic lights to green

A Longmont man has been ticketed $50 for suspicion of interfering with a traffic signal, but he says he really enjoyed using it.

Jason Niccum told The Longmont Times-Call that he bought a device that let him change traffic lights from red to green, called an Opticon, on eBay for $100.

He told the newspaper the device "paid for itself" in the two years he had it, helping him cut his time driving to work. Niccum was cited on March 29 after police said they caught him using the strobe-like device to change traffic signals. Police confiscated the Opticon, and informed Niccum it was illegal to possess it.
"I'm always running late," police quoted Niccum as saying in an incident report. An Opticon shines a strobe light on the optical sensors set atop some traffic signals, causing lights to jam.

City traffic engineer Joe Olson said traffic engineers plan to update the city's system this year to block unauthorized light-changing signals. He estimated that a new system, which would be able to block out all unauthorized light-changing signals, will cost taxpayers about $75,000.

The Opticon devices, which are becoming more commonplace, are marketed through many different avenues. Dealers are instructed to sell only to "authorized users" such as volunteer first responders, doctors and security personnel, but it is easy for anyone to buy the devices online.

This is freakin’ sweet! I would totally buy one, except in Kansas City most of the lights are on a timer. Article here. I did do a search for Opticon on eBay, couldn’t find anything? However, I did find this one here. Pretty kick-ass, but it costs $360. Click here to read more about it.

Studying for finals is easy… with Red Bull

Puff Daddy wants his women waxed...?

It has been confirmed that Puff Daddy prefers his women to have a Brazilian wax, because it makes it easier for him to please them during sex.
He revealed: "For a woman, a wax is necessary. It makes everything more attainable. It makes room for all the moves I make when I'm going to please her."

Hmmm… I think I’m going to decline to comment on this, just so I don’t get myself in trouble. But feel free to voice your opinion in the comments/remarks section. And yes, you may remain anonymous. :)

This flight was delayed, to say the least

A Varig airlines cargo plane from Brazil sits parked at the Mexico City airport with its nose up in the air after the cargo was unevenly distributed.

Sorority gives "blackest member" award to white woman, then put on probation

Kent State University officials have placed the Chi Omega sorority on probation for giving a “blackest member” award to a white woman.

The sorority will not be able to hold social functions while officials investigate the incident, which occurred at a formal dinner-dance at the Student Center Ballroom on Saturday.

The president of Chi Omega's KSU chapter, marketing major Marisa Stroud, released a written statement to the media apologizing for the award. She declined to comment further or answer questions.

On Thursday, three sorority members met with black students and KSU administrators for an hour, according to Sasha Parker, president of Black United Students. Parker said the Chi Omega members told the group that the award- one of many bestowed that night- was a joke among friends, not a slap at black students.

Parker said she could accept that explanation, noting that the student who received the award brought a black date to the event. “We don't believe they're racist,'' she said. “We just think it's an insensitivity issue.”

The chapter could face disciplinary action as a result of the college administration's investigation. Greg Jarvie, dean of students and ombudsman, said the chapter could be suspended or lose its charter. Article here.

At first I thought this was a close-up of fingers inside tiny miniature shoes. It's not. These are legs.

Dude wrecks $1 million Ferrari, charged

A Swedish former video game executive who destroyed a $1 million Ferrari Enzo in a 160 mph crash was charged on Monday with stealing that Ferrari and another one plus a rare Mercedes worth a total of nearly $4 million.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office charged Bo Stefan M. Eriksson with nine criminal counts including drunk driving, embezzlement, grand theft auto, and possession of a firearm. If convicted he faces 14 years in prison.

Eriksson, 44, was an executive for European video game company Gizmondo, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year with more than $200 million in debt.

Authorities said Eriksson was drunk at the time of the February crash and that he had imported his sports car collection to the United States in violation of a lease agreement with British financial institutions.

The Ferrari Enzo wrecked in the crash was one in only 400 ever made and was going well over 160 mph when it smashed into a power pole on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on February 21. The crash ripped the car apart but nobody was injured seriously. Eriksson was arrested in April and is currently in jail while immigration officials conduct a separate inquiry.

What a shame… such a beautiful car going to waste. Article here.

Fans just love Barry Bonds nowadays

Misprint letter leads callers to foot fetish line

A misprinted letter by the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System inadvertently advised members to call a phone sex line for information about estate planning.

The association's executive director said the mistake was contained in letters explaining to retirees and active teachers how to name beneficiaries in the event of their death.

Some of the pages in the letter listed the correct toll-free number associated with the program.

But one page listed a toll-free number that brought callers to a recording of a seductive woman's voice, promoting a 69-cents per minute foot fetish sex line.

The official said the group has had a few calls about the botched number, but he said, "most everybody's been pretty good-natured." About 50,000 members got the letter with the wrong phone number.
Whoops! Somebody got fired! Article here.