Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1 funny sign and 2 x-mas dogs

Suicidal dude drives car into mall down escalator

A 19-year-old man attempted to commit suicide Monday night by intentionally ramming his car through the front doors of a Mall in Florida, driving toward a food court area and then crashing while speeding down an escalator.
Police said Adam Soloman Kahim, of Longwood, Fla., was in serious condition after being extricated from his red Mitsubishi and transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Kahim will be held for 72 hours for a psychiatric evaluation, according to Altamonte Springs police. He will be charged with criminal mischief and culpable negligence, pending an investigation, police said.

"The person apparently drove through the entrance here in between Dillards and Macy's," Seminole County fire-rescue spokesman Alan Harris said. "He went all the way down toward the food court area but didn't make it to the food court because, of course, the escalators there. It fell to the first floor, and the vehicle was on its side. Luckily, we had a special operations team that happens to have a fire station right next to the mall."
There were no other injuries, but the mall suffered approximately $100,000 in damages, including $5,000 in damages to Ero's Perfume. The mall was closed at the time of the incident. "If this had been two hours earlier, full of Christmas shoppers and other holiday shoppers, it could have been very catastrophic," Harris said. Article here.

It's dinner time... lets eat!

Spiderman doin' come crazy ass stunts in China?

WUHAN, China -- In this photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, a stuntman acting as Spiderman leaps from a hurtling vehicle to another during a stunt show held at the Xinhualu Stadium in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a college Christmas

Car chase teen pledges to drink and drive, again.

Rae Rae, 16, has admitted drinking heavily before driving his Toyota early on Saturday in South Auckland. He had three other teenaged passengers and during a police pursuit the car crashed into a lamp post and caught fire.

Anita Matangi was pulled injured from the car and remains in hospital.

"I would do it again but with no-one in the car besides me. I would drink and drive again with just me in the car," Rae told National Radio.

His younger sister was also injured in the crash. Rae said he had been drinking alcohol including beer and pre-mixed drinks. "Too much to drink for me to be behind the wheel."

His sister estimated Rae hit 180kmh in a 50kmh zone. Another sister said Rae would not have learned his lesson and would be enjoying the publicity.

Alcohol watch groups and police have slammed the behaviour and that of family and friends who supply young teenagers with alcohol. Rae's mother told National Radio she gave her son alcohol and would not be punishing him.
"Every time I told him not to drink too much but he don't listen. He ignore it," she said. Article here.

im steelin ur gurlfrend, luk im alredy in er pantz

Woman has 52 christmas trees in her house?

Melody Howell doesn't just have a Christmas tree. She's got a whole Christmas forest in her Richburg, South Carolina, area home. This year, she has 52 decorated trees -- one in every room of her house, including one in the laundry room and another in a bathtub.

Most folks think about their holiday decorations after Thanksgiving, but Howell never stops. Howell tells the Rock Hill Herald she starts decking her halls October first to be ready by mid-December.

Husband Gary Howell says his wife is a Christmas nut. But adds their house looks beautiful when she's all done. Article here.

Waking up your drunk friend is fun...

$622k on average per employee = life must suck

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is paying its employees an average of $622,000 this year, after posting the highest profit ever for a securities firm.

The firm set aside $16.5 billion for salaries, bonuses and benefits for its 26,467 employees in the fiscal year ending in November, 40 percent more than it paid out all of last year, according to Goldman's earnings report today. The firm allocated 43.7 percent of its revenue for pay, down from 46.6 percent.

Investment banks benefited this year from rising stock and commodities markets and record share sales and takeovers. Goldman said today full-year profit jumped 70 percent to $9.54 billion, more than the top five firms earned in both 2001 and 2002. Average pay is skewed by the highest earners.

"Everyone who has that big smile when they get their check will also realize that it may not be nearly the same amount next year,'' said Henry Higdon, who runs New York-based executive recruitment company Higdon Partners LLC. A handful of star bankers and traders will get bonuses worth more than $30 million this year, he said. Full article here.

Drinking alcohol everyday is healthy? Really?

Two glasses of wine or beer a day can help you live longer, a study of a million people has revealed.

“Little and often” amounts of booze were found to slash the risk of death from any disease by almost 20 per cent.

In the biggest study of its kind, medics in Campobasso, Italy, found that people having two units of alcohol each day gained striking health benefits. They were a fifth less likely to die before 70 than teetotallers.

But those who drank more risked heart, liver and cancer problems.
Article here.