Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hot Indianapolis couple arrested for having midday sex in a car parked in front of a day care center.

Shawn Ayers and Nicholas Declouette decided to have sex in their '88 Oldsmobile. Parked in front of an Indianapolis day care center.

Ayers, 31, and Declouette, 43, were arrested on public indecency charges when the day care center's operator called cops after spotting the couple getting busy in public. As noted by Officer Eli McAllister responded to the scene, "I stood there for approximately two minutes, and they were so engrossed in their recreational activity that they did not notice me."

Declouette explained that he had first met Ayers earlier that day and they had been "driving around town, until they found a nice shaded spot to have sex." He added that he was unaware that the chosen location was in front of Cookies Child Care. Declouette's car was impounded and delivered to the Last Chance Towing Lot. » Article here


Baby alert product reminds you when you forget your kids.

It's better to be safe than sorry: Baby Alert's Child Minder system (baby not included) replaces the generic strap on your kid's car seat, causing a keychain alarm to sound every time you move more than ten feet from the buckled fastener that ties your tot down. $64.95 for peace of mind. (thanks imomma, via)


Dude, bring my bike back.


Dude wins the lottery twice by mistake.

A lottery winner doubled his share of the jackpot to nearly 1 million pounds after he mistakenly bought two lucky tickets for the same draw, organizers Camelot said Wednesday.

Derek Ladner, 57, from Cornwall, and his wife Dawn, 60, won with their usual numbers in the mid-week draw, sharing the 2.4 million pounds jackpot with four other tickets. A week later, he found a second identical ticket in his wallet and realized he had absent-mindedly entered twice.

Their double-share of the jackpot is worth just under a million pounds. The pair have handed in their notice at work and are taking a break to decide how to spend their windfall. » Article here


OJ Simpson gets prank called during TV interview.

(thanks becky)

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Assume the position.


Road-rager is still ready to fight after car flips four times

A man who flipped his car and took out a grounded power line during an apparent road rage incident has been charged with reckless driving and battery.

Gurnee police charged Steven Stankovitch, after he was accidentally cut off by Jeff Goza. Stankovitch, then began aggressively following Goza for half a mile along Delany Road before, police say, he decided to return the favor.

Stankovitch attempted to pass Goza and cut him off just south of Sunset Avenue, said Gurnee police officer David Ronzani. Only he wasn't too successful. Stankovitch lost control of his Volvo and jumped the curb, before flipping his car at least four times, taking out a power line and ending up upside down in the parking lot. » Article here


How to fly.


Not sure WTF this is, but it's funny.

CHANNEL101.COM: "Cautionary Tales of Swords"

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Car dealer kills employees who kept bugging him about a raise

Two underpaid employees at a car dealership had been hounding their boss for a raise. Instead, the boss gave them each a bullet to the head, police said.

Fed up with the two workers' frequent salary demands, owner Rolandas Milinavicius — who was in dire financial straits — apparently snapped Thursday morning and allegedly shot both of them to death inside the business.

"He told us that he was under a lot of stress," said East Point police Capt. Russell Popham. "Unfortunately, he decided to take his anger out with violence." » Read the full article here


Is this 5-year-old the future of American tennis?

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I'd say -- he's got a rather 'interesting job'.


Dude sells himself on eBay to pay for plane ticket.

A college student from Boston recently let a friend up him up for sale on eBay. Josh Minney ran out of money while on his trip to Europe.

His friend auctioned him off on eBay to help raise money to get Minney home. The auction's condition was that Minney would do one-week of labor for anyone in the U.S. in exchange for the ticket.

Minney was purchased by a psychic who happened to live near him. She plans to test his psychic ability and may use him as a guest reader. » Article here

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[semi-sorta funny] Mountain Dew Commercail: When Ferrets Attack

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New office game; Faceball, 'your face, our balls'

So what is Faceball? At its simplest level Faceball involves two people hitting beachballs at each other's faces. At a deeper level it's a vehichle for the release of personal animosity, and the shaming of the weak.
>> Read more, and see an instructional video at

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Sorry, that's how I roll -- bitch.