Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Domino's order-taker didn't like me?

Womans seatbelt, bra strap deflects bullet

A 44-year-old woman escaped serious injury from a gunshot Sunday thanks to her seat belt and a thick bra strap, authorities said.

Robin Key, 44, of Riverview, Fla., was shot through the windshield of the car she was riding in Sunday. She said she felt a searing pain in her shoulder.

Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies said a .38-caliber bullet smashed through the windshield then bounced off Key's shoulder -- thanks to a seat belt and a thick bra strap.

The copper-jacketed slug landed in her lap.

"It's a big bullet, but you had all those forces acting against it," Hillsborough sheriff's spokesman J.D. Callaway told the St. Petersburg Times. "It's very rare that something like that occurs. She's very lucky. You know, we're just glad she came out OK."

Key said she didn't know why anyone would shoot her. Sheriff's deputies later arrested two men in connection with the shooting several hours later.

Authorities said they do not have a motive for the shooting. Article here.

Watch this all the way to the end...

I know it doesn't look like it, but this is safe for work.

“Camel Toe Cup” = good for a chuckle

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Her power was shut off for 1 cent charge?

Just how powerful is a penny?

To a Michigan energy company it's the difference between keeping your lights on and having them turned off.

Consumers Energy turned off the power to a Flint woman after she paid all but one penny of her bill, which was $1,662.08. The company told Jacqueline Williams the power would not be turned on until it received the penny.

The woman went into the Consumers' Energy office and paid the penny and got a receipt. After seven hours without electricity, her power was restored.

Considering she had a bill that was $1,660+, I think the electric company was right in expecting a payment in full… however they still are dicks for making her go into their office to pay the penny. Dicks. Article here.

Girl does spinny thingy, semi-cool looking?

Comment from user takethis: Yeah thats pretty cool. It think it would have been better if like the guys arm broke in half, and his bone came out, and then blood squirted on you, and he was like, "Oh, I've got aids" and your like "Oh, it's in my mouth." Then the other guy gets bit by a snake. That would have been better.

David Blaine is a freakin' moron

Last week in New York City, David Blaine unsuccessfully completed his underwater stunt. He did succeed in spending 7-days underwater, but he failed to hold his breath for 9-minutes breaking the World record. He has vowed that he will try to complete that stunt very soon.
However, he's moving on to his next project. He's planning to live among the wild animals in the jungle. He said: "I'm planning to live harmoniously among wild beasts. And I'd like to do it alone in the jungle."

Uhhhh... that's not that hard David. You could just join the cast of Survivor to make that happen. And who do you think you are? Snow White? I want to see real magic. I wanna see him set himself on fire while flying to the top of the space needle or chop his head off and put it back on. You know, real shit. Article here.

Checkout that horn, too close for comfort

Two dudes take police on 117 MPH chase

Deputy Lane Thompson pulled over a Lincoln in Douglas County, Georgia on Thursday. He realized the driver had his license suspended for running from the cops. Within moments, the chase was on again.

Quickly speeds reached triple digits, topping out at 117 miles an hour. Weaving through stunned drivers on I-20, a state trooper caught up with the pair, only to be faked right off the interstate as the getaway driver made a bold move on an exit ramp.

That left Deputy Thompson alone again. The driver was Ahmad Kennedy Jamal, an Alabama man with at least nine prior drug arrests. His passenger was Rodney Banks. They allegedly carried a carload of cocaine.

Along the way, the car door opened as cocaine went flying out through a haze of smoke and oil.

Finally, with traffic backing up for construction, the two ended up pinned between a semi and a guardrail. The passenger ran off and a second man was quickly caught by a K-9.

Ironically, the semi that helped end it all pulled away, running over Deputy Thompson's feet. Watch the video and read the article here.

CNN cuts early to President Bush

Girl dragged under limo after her prom?

A Denver East High School student who was run over by a stretch limousine leaving the school prom Saturday was in critical condition after surgery Monday.

Molly Bloom, 17, a standout on the school's swim team, sustained injuries to her leg and pelvis when she was dragged under the rear tires of the vehicle, according to police and students.

Bloom was leaving the prom about 11 p.m. in the 1700 block of Sherman Street, near the Sherman Street Event Complex, and was getting into the Hummer H1 limousine when the driver started to move before she was fully inside, Denver police spokeswoman Virginia Quiñones said.
Bloom was rushed to Denver Health Medical Center, according to school district officials - who confirmed that the girl's condition was critical but stable.

School administrators, who also witnessed the incident, told 7News that her injuries were too gruesome to describe.

The driver, who has worked for the company since February, was placed on leave pending the results of a police investigation. The driver, Perricone said, has a safe driving record and experience driving large vehicles such as the Hummer limo.

Perricone declined to talk specifically about the accident but said that the limo has clear rear- mirror views to the back of the vehicle. He also said that with a vehicle that large, it is likely the driver might not immediately feel anything caught underneath it.

"Molly is still in stable condition, and her doctors are pleased," said a posting by a family member Monday morning on the high school's website.

This is awful. Article here.

Caption this...

Student gets criminal charges for MySpace

A Henry County high school student is facing criminal charges after posting comments about his teacher on the Web site,

The teacher has filed defamation of character charges against the student, Alex Davis, 15. Eagle’s Landing High School science teacher Robert Muzzillo pursued the charges against Davis after noticing a profile with his name attached on

The profile talked about Muzzillo liking Michael Jackson and having a "gay old time," like the Fred Flintstone song. Davis said he only wrote that Muzzillo lost an eye wrestling with alligators and midgets. The teen said it was just a prank and meant as a joke.
When the school found out that Davis was involved, he received three days in-school suspension. Then he learned the teacher had filed charges against him. "I have finals coming up and I have to study and instead I have to go to court," Davis said. Davis' father said the charges are a waste of the court's time.

"This has all gotten kinda bizarre," Andy Davis said. The Davis' have hired attorney Lee Sexton to handle the case. "It's just silly stuff about a teacher they were just joking about. It's gotten way out of hand," Sexton said.

Davis is scheduled to head to court next Tuesday. His attorney said the criminal defamation of character charge is unconstitutional. Article here.