Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Molester claims he was once sexually assaulted by Bigfoot

A man who claims that he was molested by Bigfoot as a child was ordered to serve 20 years in prison yesterday for his own molestation-related activities. » Full article here


Is this our next president?

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Dude installing satellite TV shoots and kills wife

Officials are trying to determine whether to file charges against a man who fatally shot his wife while trying to install a satellite television system in their home.

Patsy D. Long, 34, of Deep Water, was pronounced dead early Saturday evening after being shot in the chest with a .22-caliber handgun. Patsy Long was standing outside the residence while her husband was installing a satellite TV. According to sheriff's department, Ronald Long fired a shot from the inside of their home after several unsuccessful efforts to punch a hole through the exterior wall using other means. Investigators said Ronald Long believed his family was inside the house.

He told authorities that he fired a second shot, then called out his wife's name and the names of their two children. When he got no reply, he ran outside and found his wounded wife. » Article here

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RV-bike? Cool or Lame?

The whole room is an optical illusion!

Dude leaves note, 'I was wondering if you could help me with my panty fetish'

Police are looking for a man with a "fetish for panties” who may be responsible for a sexual assault.

Since March 3, police have taken two reports from women. On March 6, a 19-year-old woman told police she found a note on her car in the parking lot. The note said the woman would be paid $20 if she would leave a pair of soiled panties by a trash bin at the complex, Troutman said. The note read in part, "I was wondering if you could help me with my panty fetish ...” Troutman said.

The incident was similar to a March 3 case, which was reported by a 44-year-old woman. She told police someone knocked on her apartment door. When she opened it, she found a pornographic picture from a magazine, a pair of panties hanging on the doorknob and another pair lying on the ground.

The same woman said a man approached her in the laundry room in January and asked her if she would model her panties for him. She also reported a man peeping into her apartment window Feb. 20. » Full article here


The best phone ever?


Sky diver almost hits a plane...

Circus 'slave' forced to swim with piranhas

Police rescued two teenage Bulgarian sisters from a circus in southern Italy which forced one of them to swim with flesh-eating piranhas for the amusement of guests.

While the 19-year-old sister swam in a transparent tank, the younger, 16-year-old was forced into a container where the circus staff tossed snakes at her. She was injured by one of the snakes, police said.
The women were paid 100 euros ($155.8) per week and lived in a trailer that had previously been used to transport animals, they said. » Article here


He's in for a surprise when he wakes up.


Teen gets $500 tip from stranger

An 18-year-old in Indiana will have the prom night she was dreaming of, thanks to a mystery man's Easter tip.

Kelsey Tolliver was selling newspapers inside Cincinnati's University Hospital last Sunday when she says a customer in his mid-20s wished her Happy Easter and said to keep the change. At first, she thought he'd given her $4 for a Sunday paper costing $1.50. But then she realized the wad of bills was too thick -- and she had $500 in twenties, plus four $1 bills.

She says she'd never seen the man before and couldn't find him afterward. The student at Switzerland County Senior High in Patriot, Ind., says she gave half the money to her stepfather. The rest she's using for a dress, shoes, purse and limo for her senior prom. » Article here