Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dude, what happened to your car?

The Ford GT began as a concept car designed in anticipation of Ford's centennial year and as part of its drive to showcase and revive its "heritage" names such as Mustang and Thunderbird. Why am I telling you this?

One man located in Kansas City (Mission Hills/Prairie Village) waited 2 years for this $200,000 car.

He had this car only two days and had only put 9 miles on it.

He decided to try out how fast it would go- and decided to punch the gas pedal. When he did… he lost traction on the rear wheel and lost control on a bridge next to golf hole #17 at a major country club (Mission Hills Country Club) which crosses a small creek.

He nailed a steel and concrete pole. (Warning the following pictures are graphic in nature, and might cause you to involuntarily vocalize such reactions as, “oh shit”, “holy fuck”, and “oh-my-god”).

[Thanks David]

Larger breasts equal lower grades?

An unscientific survey on a popular found that there was a very strong correlation between female bra size and perceived grade point average.
The Web site analyzed hundreds of votes that had been cast since May, and on average-voters guessed that "A-cup" students had GPAs that were 0.3 points higher than those of "D-cup" students.

"B-cup" and "C-cup" students were voted to have GPAs in the middle of that range, each averaging about 0.2 points higher than the "D-cup" group.

The study also found a correlation between race and grades. Specifically, voters guessed that Asian students had higher GPAs than their Caucasian and African-American counterparts by an average of more than 0.2 points (on a 4.0 scale).

The site's founders warned against interpreting the results of their survey as anything but entertainment. "We have no reason to believe that there is an actual link between any of these attributes and grade point average," said co-founder Sameer Shariff. "This analysis simply suggests that our voters may subscribe to the stereotypes reflected in its results." Article here.

Hmmm... well that's different.

Overheard on the streets of New York:

Girl: I feel like if your vagina is wet enough, you won't get AIDS.

-Kitchenette Uptown, Amsterdam Avenue

Dude: Well, the other day she said, "I want you to fuck me in the park." So we went to the park, went behind some bushes where there was a clearing and bam, bam, bam. Then I came on her face.

-116th & Amsterdam

Britney Spears officially f*ckin ugly

These photos are from Britney Spears in Maui over the weekend. She is looking more and more like a beast again. Many natives are probably worried of this liquid beast that is flopping around like a walrus. I can see all of these people just throwing fish at Britney to make her roll over in the water. And instead of asking for more fish, I'm sure she just claps her to fat arms together. I don't want to keep on this subject, but she just leaves herself open to public scrutiny.
When you look like some demon walrus it has to be easy to see that your atrocious. Is she ever going to lose this weight? Have you ever heard of the lochness monster losing weight? No, probably not, unless she just starts purging up her meals. Which would be a positive action at this point.
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The U.S.A. made out of cheese

Convenience store sold crack pipes?

Daytona Beach police said convenience store owners were selling crack pipes to customers and not even trying to hide it. Four store workers were arrested Wednesday during an undercover sting.

Most of the convenience stores that were raided were in the Ridgewood area. Three stores were busted for selling everything you need to smoke crack, except the crack.

Eight convenience stores and four arrests were made because of a rose in a tube. At first, it could appear to be a chintzy gift for your sweetheart. Though most convenience store owners know what else it can be used for.
"We told 'em flat out. 'We'd like to get a crack pipe,'" Sgt. Walden said. Those who sold the vials were cuffed and hauled away.
Police said another bit of damning evidence was that some of the vendors gave a free piece of "Chore Boy" (like Brillo) with the vials. Crack users roll it up and stick it into the bottom of the vial. It acts like a crack filter.

"We weren't even asking for the Chore Boy, but, obviously, they knew how to complete the fashioning of them into an actual crack pipe," Sgt. Walden said. Investigators said, if the owners can come up with another use for a vial and a complementary filter together, they will listen.

Police are actually surprised they made any arrests. The local Daytona paper ran a story on the rose-in-a-tube Wednesday morning against the wishes of the police. Police said they were lucky the suspects didn't read the paper. Article here.

One really pissed wife...

A kick-ass Michael Jordan commercial

Check out this awesome Air Jordan XXI shoe commercial, for those of you who are true sports fans- you’ll recognize most of the ‘moves’ in this commercial. He truly is one of the greatest- if not the best to ever play the game.

Woman gives birth in the bathroom, again

Minnesota nurse Jessica Reed had to take a break during her shift -- to have a baby. She gave birth to daughter Faith in the women's restroom at the VA Medical Center in St. Cloud.

The VA doesn't have a maternity unit at the facility. A co-worker was going to drive Reed to an emergency room, but there wasn't time.

But having a baby in a bathroom is nothing new to Reed. She gave birth to her son Seth in a bathroom at home 15 months ago.

When Reed learned she was going to have another baby in the bathroom, she said she wasn't upset. In her words: "It's gotta be done, just go with the flow."

Faith is Reed's fourth child and came a month early. Article here.

Gators hunt deer?

Teenager kills himself doing the air-guitar

A teenage guitarist in Singapore got so carried away while bouncing up and down on his bed mimicking a rock star that he flew out of a third floor window to his death.

The Straits Times said Li Xiao Meng, a 16-year-old from China who was studying at Singapore's Hua Business School, was a keen musician who liked to jump up and down while playing his guitar in his hostel room.

"But on November 17 he took things a bit too far," the newspaper said, reporting on a coroner's court findings.

Ruling death by misadventure, the court said evidence "points to the deceased unintentionally falling out of the window to his death when he was hyped up with exhilaration, jumping up and down on the bed placed against an open window while mimicking a rock guitarist.""

Normally the windows were locked, the newspaper said, but students sometimes forced them open so they could smoke, something prohibited by the hostel.

I thought I had bad luck. Article here.

Man shoots goat after being attacked

A Jacksonville man says he was attacked by a goat, but its owner says the animal was just playing.

Richard Butler told authorities he was getting out of his car when a goat charged at him. He grabbed the animal by the horns and wrestled it to the ground.

After about five minutes, Butler says he let go and started running but the animal charged at him. Butler wasn't injured.

He told police he shot the goat, injuring it but not killing it. The animal had escaped from a neighbor's yard through a broken fence. The goat's owner told police the goat was just playing and that he'll fix the fence.

He’s quoted in the article as willing to fix the fence? Good thing the goat’s owner is cool guy. Article here.

3 porcupines just hanging out

I got thown out of a Hooters...

"So I get thrown out of Hooters, man. Which has me to thinking, my dream job of becoming a manager may have hit the dumpster like a hooker after a knife fight. Like any other guy, I go to Hooters so that I can feel special, to watch the big game, drink a few pitchers of beer, eat a few or so dozen wings with a hard on. They know me there, the girls I mean. When they see me walk in the door, they fight on who's going to get to wait on me. Deals are made, coins are flipped. I've seen girls cry and walkout… Hey, there's enough of me to go around ladies, or should I say there was before I was banned.

The day started like any other day, I woke up to the sound of my mother screaming from her iron lung. Today Mom was on my back because I forgot to plug in her battery pack from the night before. Man, she was in a mood, seems I left my George Foreman Grill turned on all night and Mother hates the mess it leaves on the VCR."

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