Thursday, September 01, 2005


The effects of a dog bath...

Holy Brad Pitt?

T-Shirts that'll make you chuckle...

Check out these t-shirt designs from Burn Tees (fellow fan of Across-the-Board). These are just a few of the many hilarious t-shirts they sell. See their whole t-shirt line,

I had the craziest dream last night…

I have a reoccurring dream in which the villain from the Scream the movie (the dude with the weird mask) is sitting in the stands watching me play in a high school soccer game- waiting to kill me. What the hell is that all about? Check out this website that gives explanations on what objects in your dream mean. Click here to go to,

Fun mind games...

Tell me what is (say it out loud):

1+5 ?

2+4 ?

3+3 ?

4+2 ?

5+1 ?

Now repeat saying the number 6 to yourself as fast as you can for 15 seconds. Then click here...

Fun mind games continued...

Read the following:


Now count aloud the F's in that sentence. Count them ONLY ONCE; do not go back and count them again.

Then click here.

A penny for your thoughts?

So these are pictures from a dude who was a Civil Engineer at Texas Tech University in 1980. All the stacks with pennies (below) were done without any glue. Only the weight of the pennies provides the support. And yes, this dude had WAY to much time on his hands, check out more pictures on his site. My guess is this guy probably works at NASA or something now.

Interesting Newspaper ad...

Face generator/manipulator thingy-ma-bob...

Check out this face generator/manipulator thingy-ma-bob. You can choose different combinations from different pictures of people to create a person. Entertaining stuff…

(click the image to launch website)

Lonely Attractive Inmates Seek Penpals…

So this is a website I like to describe as “sketchy.” This website “dating service” puts you in touch with real prison inmates who are seeking companionship. The site has inmates broken down by age- and then they have a profile (w/pictures).

“Can you imagine what it must be like for attractive men and women to be without companionship? These incarcerated female and male inmates are paying a price for crimes they have committed. These inmates are very real and are seeking you!” - taken from the website

This is pretty wild- I’m not sure who is browsing this site thinking they could find the love of their life on this website. But hey- stranger things have happened!?! Anyways, check out Kristie’s profile below- and if you like it…send her some mail.

To all men and women interested: I am a young, talented, sexually liberated woman with many fantasies and sexual desires. I love to have fun and enjoy entertaining others. Beyond my wild side, I am very talented - I love to dance and am a very social woman. I love to do hair and I am very much into beauty. I take life as it is and enjoy the ride. I am my own person and live how I want to. I always try to understand more than feel and feel through my understanding I don't take companionship for granted because I realize its special ness. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to catch her boat. I'm seeking companionship and love. Telling everything you know closes the book to your mystery so if you want to find out more write me and let's let the flow take control.

Location: Texas
Race: Hispanic
Date of Birth: 1-3-81
Release Date: 9-6-06
Height: 5'7"
Do you have children: yes (1)
Sexual Preference: bisexual
Education: high school graduate, soon to be attending college
Occupation before prison: exotic dancer and cook
Activities in prison: getting ready for college, working in the field, aerobics, doing hair, drawing, poetry, song writing.

Click here to launch the website,