Saturday, July 30, 2005

New Apple Product Advertisement?

Come on, admit it- this is mildly entertaining.

Mr. Nick = one cool yet random dude!

This Saturday afternoon was a wonderfully awesomely cool day. What’d I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was awesome! The big “event” of the day was going to the pool @ 2:30 in the afternoon. Which brings to mind the topic of this post…Nick (one of my good friends from college). Yes, this post is dedicated to the one and only Nick. Now, Mr. Nick is the type of good friend that is just “different.” How's he’s different you may ask? Well let me just describe “him” and “his life.”

1.)Nick is from Wellington, Kansas = middle of nowhere U.S.A.

2.)Nick is 24 years old.
3.)Nick is still in college- and will be for 4 more years (couldn't make up his mind the first 4 years- now he's an education major).
4.)Nick's long term career goal is to be a high school art teacher.
5.)Nick is the official mascot for the
University of Kansas- he’s the dude in the costume that runs around like an freakin idiot at KU sporting events. And he likes it. A lot. Almost to much. Its scary.

6.)Nick drives an ’86 Chevy Silverado (the metal is rusting like a virus all over the car). This truck is a hazard to the environment. I'm pretty sure the EPA would bane this truck from driving on any street in the U.S. of A.

7.)Nick is a public pool manager in Kansas City, Kansas. He's really good at his job. Really good. Yes those are aviator sunglasses he has on. And yes, the len's have a purple tint. Purple. Yes- you read right, Purple. Pathetic.

What does this all mean? Nick is one cool dude. Rock on dude, rock on.

(found this on his high school website)

Dane Cook & his Burger King Job...

So everyone keeps Emailin' me to post links of more videos of the comedian Dane Cook. So here goes...check out one of his most famous bits- Burger King.

(click image to view video)

Bad Day at the Office...

Check out this office commercial- its hilarious! You have to watch this video like 2 or 3 times to notice everything that’s happening.

(click image to watch video)

This video is interesting, not sure if this really takes place in a real office, but obviously these guys are extremely bored.

(click image to watch video)

Creepy-Cool Office Game...

Check out this creepy yet cool web-game. I wonder if the creater of this game had some bad tension at the office...

Use the arrow keys to move, and hit the space bar to saw.