Monday, November 26, 2007

It wasn't me, I swear.


Wow, breaking your femur looks like it would hurt.

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Chick has 10-pound hairball stuck in her stomach

Doctors recently took a 10-pound hairball from an 18-year-old woman after she came to them with pain and a 40-pound weight loss.

The New England Journal of Medicine said the woman had been suffering with pain in her abdomen for about five months. Doctors found a mass there, and when they used a small camera, found that the hairball was taking up nearly her entire stomach.
The patient said that she has a habit of eating her own hair, a condition called trichophagia. Doctors tried to use small incisions to remove the mass, but then had to go to traditional surgery to make sure the entire hairball was removed.

The journal's report said the girl left the hospital after five days and was asked to follow up with a psychiatrist. Within a year, she had regained about half of the weight she lost and said she had stopped eating her hair. » Article here

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Can you order me a drink... ahhhhh WEDGIE!

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Have you ever heard of this penalty in football?

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Baby falls out of a 3-floor window, survives

A toddler who crawled out a third-floor window during his family's Thanksgiving festivities and fell onto a store roof not only survived -- he didn't even break a bone.

Brandon Priebe said his 14-month-old son, Bradley, tumbled from a bedroom window in his aunt's Brooklyn apartment on Thursday. His relatives said they thought the window was closed.

Bradley fell about 20 feet onto the roof of a music store next door, police said. Priebe told police that his son wasn't seriously injured in the fall. The boy was in stable condition later Thursday at a local hospital, where no update on his condition was available early Friday. » Article here


Photoworthy: the picture frames


Binoculars Soccer

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She's a teacher by day, porn star by night.

An Italian teacher has been suspended from school because of her extra-curricular activities as a porn star, local authorities announced Thursday.

The out-of-hours behavior of Anna Ciriani, who calls herself "Madameweb" in hard-core videos on the Internet and at erotic shows, was "not compatible with educational activity," the head of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia education authority said.

"I am a normal woman, with my family and my work as a teacher. I am (also) looking for transgression and sex." » Full article here

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Highlights from my weekend, Kansas vs. Missouri

A perspective of my experience at the KU vs. MU border showdown game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. There's been no game like this -- the atmosphere tailgating and in the stadium was unbelievable. While we did lose the game, this season has been amazing. KU hasn't been recognized as a football team in the recent years, so this years performance has been great.

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