Monday, January 16, 2006

No worries

Guy bites off part of his girlfriend's face? WTF?

A man who bit off part of his girlfriend's face and spit it out on the sidewalk was convicted of assault.

Gareth Whyte's lawyer contended prosecutors could not prove his girlfriend was seriously injured or disfigured. But the prosecutor argued Whyte should not get a break just because the woman had a talented plastic surgeon.

"I'll agree the defendant is not guilty when he can put this back," said prosecutor Heide Mason, holding up a jar containing the girlfriend's flesh.

Whyte, 27, of New Rochelle, was found guilty Thursday and could get up to 25 years in prison when he is sentenced March 1.

During a fight last Mother's Day, he bit the left side of Dorothy Pritchett's face, through skin, nerves, fat and muscle, exposing a gaping hole below her eye, prosecutors said.

Pritchett testified that Whyte had bitten her once before, complaining that her clothes were too sexy.

WTF? Ow! This is horrible! Article here.

Buy Angelina Jolie's ultrasound picture on ebay

This auction claims it’s for a real copy of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby ultrasound picture. The seller claims:

“This ultrasound picture was given to a friend of mine. They sent it to me as a gift.”

Of course the first thing I thought was, is this legal? Fortunately, the seller clears any legal confusion:

Q: Doesn't this go against the HIPPA law stating that you need patient's consent to release any type of their medical documents? Will buyer get in trouble if they purchase this?

A: First of all, I think you spelled the law incorrectly, but as stated in the question before this. You are not receiving MEDICAL DOCUMENTS. When a Dr. give's you an image that you make copies of and give it out, that becomes personal property. Thanks for your question.

Q: How did your friend get this?? Isnt is illegal to sell somebodies medical records?

A: I will not comment on the friend receiving this. However I will tell you that this isn't a 'medical record'. Receiving a copy of an image is not considered a medicle record. It is considered a gift. Thanks for your question.

Click here to see the actual eBay auction.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get picked to play

Woman Rescued After Five Days Trapped In Car

An 88-year-old American woman, trapped inside her car after careering off the road into a ditch, survived for five days by wiping the windscreen with a towel and sucking on the moisture, rescuers recounted on Friday.

Mary Lillian Anderson and her red 1997 Cadillac Seville were stuck near a well-frequented corner of suburban Vancouver, in Washington state, but were concealed from view by a steep incline overgrown with bushes.

She could not open the doors or windows to cry for help, and could not reach the shopping bags full of food which she had stored in her boot.

As she later told her son, she spent her time praying to her guardian angel and counting forwards and backwards from 1 to 500, over and over again.

Talk about patience and will-power. I’m not sure if I would be able to keep myself from ‘going crazy’ like she did. My dumb ass would have probably would have tried to eating the seatbelt before I thought to drink the condensation (j/k). Give it up to this grandma for fighting for her life. Article here.

Eva Longoria gives out vibrators to friends? WTF?

In a recent interview with Cosmo, Eva Longoria revealed that she treats all her best gal pals to a nice big vibrator on their birthdays. She feels that all women need to learn how to pleasure themselves, and she isn't afraid to help them out:

"After I spoke openly about vibrators I literally got boxes and boxes of free sex toys sent to me. So I was constantly giving them away. Even before that I'd give them to girlfriends for their birthdays and they'd be so excited."You get better sex when you know your own body. How can you expect a man to know your body when you don't know what pleases you?"

Q: What was the best sex you had all year?

"Probably with my vibrator," she said. "I own two. I have the rabbit one, and I give that as a gift all the time to other girls for a birthday or the like. It's the best gift to give: an orgasm."

[via IDon'tLikeYou]

A t-shirt with an attitude...

(Brad, one of my college friends in the picture- well atleast it's his back)

Couple arrested for fight over steak at restaurant

A Palm Bay couple is facing battery charges after a fight over a steak. Police arrested Mario and Desiree Carfagno last Friday.

The two complained about the steaks they ordered at the Chili's restaurant. Eyewitnesses said that's when Mario started shouting and using profanities.

A fight ensued and the couple was later arrested.

I would have paid money to see/hear details of how this fight actually ‘went down.’ What could they possible have been fighting about? Article here.

Eminem remarries sweetheart he vowed to kill

Eminem fantasized in song about killing his former wife Kim. He sports a “Kim: Rot in Pieces” tattoo on his chest. Yet he just remarried her.

The rap star and his high-school sweetheart rekindled one of hip-hop’s most celebrated romances on Saturday, five years after their marriage collapsed and the couple fought a bitter custody battle over their daughter, Hailie, now 9.

Guests told reporters that Eminem walked up the aisle in a black suit to the sound of the piano line from his song Mockingbird. Kim wore a white gown.

Eminem, 33, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, met Kimberly Ann Scott, 31, at school 17 years ago.

Crazy story wouldn't you say? I mean, who would have thought threatening to kill your wife and then writing a song about it would be so therapeutic for their relationship. Nice work Eminem, you still never cease to amaze the public with your shenanigans. Great stuff. Article here.

Little Johnny and his snow house...

Britney Spears signed first grade yearbook

Got an extra 20,000? Why not blow it on Britney Spear’s first grade year book…

“You are bidding on a First Grade Yearbook from Parklane Academy in McComb, Mississippi personally autographed by Britney Spears. The yearbook is dated 1989.

She has personally autographed / signed the yearbook Britney Spears (her complete signature) during her first grade year.”

Honestly though, 20 f*ckin thousand dollars? Are you serious? I would rather gouge my eyes out with a cherry-smell-tastic magic marker while listening to Hanson for a month straight than waste my money on this stupid piece of documented history. Just to be honest. Click here to see the actual eBay auction.

Joe's vertical was a surprise to both teams...

Wendy's is a tomato shortage crisis

For all you Wendy’s fast food lovers out there, take note. You can still get tomatoes on your sandwiches at Wendy's restaurants, but you'll have to make a special request.

Tomatoes are only put on sandwiches by special request only. The short-term policy began in late December because of crop damage from hurricanes in Florida.

The company uses about 85 million pounds of tomatoes a year.
McDonald's officials said the fast-food leader- based in Oak Brook, Ill.- is not experiencing a shortage. Spokeswoman Lisa Howard said McDonald's planned well. She does not expect the damage in Florida to have an effect.

That’s too bad isn’t it? I don’t even like tomatoes anyways. Or Wendy’s for that matter. Guess I don’t have to worry about this problem. Article here.

Vinnie's Tampon Case, a hot eBay item fo-sure

So this is one eBay auction you’ll never forget:

“…my Mother (usually a great gift giver) decided that this Tampon Case was something I needed for Christmas.”

Yes, that’s right, it’s a tampon holder-thingy-ma-jig. WTF? My favorite part about this thing is the tag line on the front that reads, “HOLDS A BUNCH.” This is just too awesome isn't it? Click here to see the actual eBay listing.

Doesn't my foot taste delicious?

Loyal customer gets a Pizza Shuttle logo tattoo

A woman has had a six-inch drawing of the Pizza Shuttle logo tattooed onto her left forearm. She says that she wears it with pride.

She's dined there at least once a week for 20 years, "It's my favorite pizza in Milwaukee, for sure," says Leon, who is known for ordering her usual 14-inch thin crust pizza with grilled chicken, mushrooms and double garlic and a Miller Lite.

Lean says the idea for the tattoo came to her as she was sitting in Pizza Shuttle's dining room. She was looking at the sign outside and thought, "That would make a great tattoo."

Pizza Shuttle co-owner Mark Gold says that Lean approached him with the idea that day. "I thought it was a cool idea, and I told her that if she really wanted it I would pay for it."

Shortly after, Lean went to Brady Street's Bodyworks tattoo shop and got the $150 logo rendition permanently drawn on her arm. To show his appreciation for her support, Gold gave Lean a year's worth of free Pizza Shuttle pizza.

Are you kidding? Not only is it pathetic she eats this crap once a week… but to have it permanently engraved on your body… WTF? Article here.

Not a highway off-ramp... whoops!

Bomb threat at Starbucks? Big mistake...

San Francisco authorities struggled to explain Thursday how they concluded that an object left in a Starbucks bathroom was a bomb, when tests revealed it was nothing more than a flashlight with corroded batteries.

"This appeared, by itself, to be a bomb,'' said police spokesman Sgt. Neville Gittens. Gittens would not specify what about the device was so convincing, other than to say that all the people who saw it described it as a "tube-shaped cylinder with a fuse.''

The employee called police. Officers evacuated the store and an apartment building above it, and bomb squad officers used a high-power hose to blast the object with water.

They said a muffled noise that police heard when the water cannon hit the object, which they took to be an explosion, may have been the sound of a chemical reaction between the water and the corroded batteries.

The man who says he left the flashlight in the Starbucks, Ronald Schouten, 44, remains in custody in County Jail on unrelated matters. He told police he had found the flashlight on the street and thought it could be used for self-defense, but decided to leave it behind after using the restroom.

He was charged Thursday with burglary and is expected to be back in court today. After visiting the Starbucks, he allegedly went to a Circuit City and used the bag the coffeehouse given to him for the coffee grounds to shoplift a camera, prosecutors said.

Weird. Yet interesting. Article here.