Saturday, September 10, 2005

“Treads & Threads”

So last night I attended “Treads & Threads” at Kansas Speedway (Kansas City) which is a gala benefiting the Cancer Center at The University of Kansas Hospital. It’s a black tie affair at the Speedway where they open all the NASCAR garages- and station tables in each of them with the 24 best restaurants of Kansas City. In addition there are tents with tables setup, a stage with music (Bruce Hornsby & Bill Pollack Orchestra performed), and tons bars serving nothing but top-shelf liquor. It was awesome trying all the food from all over the area that are $25+ a plate restaurants and of course drinking all night was fun too. They also have a 20 min fireworks show at nightfall. The great thing about it is that your ticket (donation) pays for everything- so everything (in a sense) is free. My company (Digital Evolution Group) built the website that promotes and sells the tickets for the event, also we are an event sponsor. It was an awesome night for a great cause.